What font you are using?

What font you are using? I changed the fonts and increased their size to meet my needs. I taked some screenshots and you can look for comparision.



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For easy comparison these are the main, commercial fonts used:

  1. Helvetica
  2. Garamont
  3. Futura
  4. Gill, Gill sans

Maybe I did not understand your question here…

I think font change settings should be hidden behind some settings key or an “Advanced” settings button. By default Haiku should ensure that a standard font viewing experience is provided.

The reasons for this:

  • Different fonts have different metrics, thus directly effecting UI elements and their drawing on screen.
  • Not all fonts contain most used planes in Unicode

There are not many contenders. Noto checks a lot of boxes, it’s reason of existence is to be able to display every single Unicode character, and it looks decent. Optimised for screen display as well. My only complaint is that the Regular style is too thin, at least Medium should be used.

There are other candidates like IBM Plex or Ubuntu, but these are directly associated with other entities, therefore should not be included with a Haiku install.

BTW, for HiDPi screens do you need to manually adjust font size or it scales automatically?

I disagree because it will be dumbed down. I think that current defaults are simple to understand.

I need a font with the same letter size ‘height and width’ to create text files for gaming projects

The size: height and width of a font depends on the operating system, and is therefore not transferable that easy.

It is a manual process at the moment.

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You mean like a 8x8 bitmap font?


Or do you need monospaced fonts? All their letters are of the same width (e.g. ‘i’ is the same width as ‘w’.)

If you want do create a pacman like game with levels created as text files, you can see the level during creating in ASCII style