What enhancement I need or want in Haiku?


EFI boot & grub compatibility
full 2D support (dpi and native resolution) for nvidia video card.
intel sound support in hda driver.
a decent web browser.


You know you can also help to port all the things… :slight_smile:


How about moving (or duplicating) all Tracker’s icons (which are in libtracker.so) to “File Type’s” “interface” (or something else)?
I think it is good for simplify theming and maybe for using them by other apps in more simply way.
What you think?


“Keymap” enhancement for additional keyboard keys

Add capability to “Keymap” preference app add and edit custom or additional keyboard, for example with additional keys (multimedia and etc). Also it is needed to have some tool to make those custom keyboards: some graphical editor (with buttons in a grid with editable labels and asigned to them scan codes) and capability to scan pressed some key on actual keyboard.
Mappings of such additional keys must be saved in different file than standard keymap layout, different mapping’s files for different keyboard.
Further those setting files of keyboards with additional keys can be shared with other people or added in Haiku.


A haikudepot without freezes, hanging and a better display of all files who need to be instsalled


Add capability to “Keymap” preference app add and edit custom or additional keyboard

Already there. No GUI, but the functionality is there. I don’t think an OS needs to provide a nice GUI for every command line application. I would say: good task for Summer of Code or for 3rdparty developer.

with additional keys (multimedia and etc)

The additional keys (at least for Laptops) doesn’t generates scan-codes at all. They managed through EC or I2C controller. To handle them a special driver required and frequently they are BIOS and hardware/oem-specific, so no generic driver possible AFAIK.

capability to scan pressed some key on actual keyboard.

What if they doesn’t generates any scan-codes?

I would say a better ACPI support could be a nice enhancement, as without proper DSDT handling you cannot have any additional key-support, brightness control, hardware-switch control, hotplug, power-management, sleep, hibernate, and so on.


At first it is reasonable to handle things which we can, late we can bother with other.
For example if we have this keyboard:
– how we can add additional keys to work on Haiku?
On BeOS there was a way to do this. And I think that keys in this keyboard have some scan codes.


If thoose keys generates scancode then it is just as easy as:

  • exporting the current keymap
  • defining the extra keys in the freshly exported keymap
  • setting the modified keymap as default keymap.
  • then Shortcuts should just work AFAIK.

That’s the theory. You can try and report back with your mileage.


• expoting the current keymap – OK
• defining the extra keys in the freshly exported keymap – NO (tried to write some symbols in empty places and load keymap, not working any new keys)
• …
• …

Another problem that I run in: my custom keymap wich I use do not compile or loads from terminal ( US keymap works OK) – debuger sais:

ID [1356] State [Exception] Name [keymap] Sop reason [Segment violation] Frame [0x719e7ae0] IP [0x216a0f9] Function [Keymap::_ComputeChars(char*, re_register&, int32, &) + 0x121]

ID [1359] State [Running] Name [team 1356 debug task] Sop reason [] Frame [0x30303030] IP [0x30303030] Function [?]

Something wrong with my keymap layout or with keymap utility?
My_custom keymap I made on Keymap GUI preflet.


This isnt the bugreporting place.


This is not that important.
Important is this:
Something wrong with my keymap layout or with keymap utility?


Would be cool to see the z snake in the deskbar menu when traversing.

Also, it would be great if the protected directories supported Tracker prefs like icon mode, etc…

And would also be nice to see the blue folders go away as they’re visually confusing.


You know well, that nobody can help you as we don’t know, what kind of changes have you made, so you won’t get any help ever, but if it isn’t important for you, then great.


I found the bug in my keymap:

Tilde 0xc3 = ''
Tilde 0xc3 = ''
Tilde 0xc3 = ''
Tilde 0xc3 = 0x11000000000000000000000000000

must be:
Tilde 0xc3 = ''
Tilde 0xc3 = ''
Tilde 0xc3 = ''
Tilde 0xc3 = ‘’

I made my keymap with Keymap GUI app, and don’t know how this “0x11000000000000000000000000000” entry occur in it?

• Maybe I accidently dropped some (doubled) symbol on key in Keymap GUI app?
• And why there is some duplicated »Tilde 0xc3 = ‘’ « or »Circumflex 0xc3 = ‘’« entries in source file?


We have shortcuts for switching between workspaces (alt+F1…), but what to do when keyboard not have those, or they in some Fn level?
I think these shortcuts must be editable, and maybe they are?
How one can change these shortcuts?


If you have troubles accessing those shortcuts, you can add your own bindings in Shortcuts preferences. Just call the /boot/system/apps/Workspaces with the workspace number (starting from 0) passed as parameter.


IMO, it would be nice to see:

  • Less kernel crashes
  • Less application crashes
  • Desktop icons organized on a “grid” like in other operating systems. Right now icons can even end up on top of each other.
  • More fleshed out MIDI settings. I would like to be able to select a MIDI out device and not just a soundfont.
  • More integrated file chooser in ported applications
  • Easier/more straight-forward way for dumb users like me to make package recipes

Like everyone, I like more applications, but I think that part is going pretty well already.


It is really annoying “feature” inherited from BeOS.


Hey, some of us like the freedom of icon placement (well, it could just be me) :slight_smile:



*3d hwd support
*uvc webcam support
*double screen support
*A way to edit the themes at less as the zeta way.