What does those increasing number of question marks mean - on systray?

Why they appear in Tray and as the minutes pass increase, these question signs:

At 11:02

I have more screenshots, but as new user I only can put one.

Thanks in advance.

This is caused by Qt tray integration. You can either try to disable translating system apps in Locale preflet or switch to a nightly image. Presumably, this was fixed in hrev56788.


Hi @Diver .On this issue, I have detected that it occurs only during the execution and after having closed the Clementine application, and disappears once the closure is forced in the process controller. The attached screens shows the symbols and the Clementine closure in the process controller, which ceases to increase the symbols.

Well, my previous reply still applies :slight_smile:

Well, in this case I patiently wait for Haiku Beta5 release

well, how about to use day-build?
and get the new version?

Clementine is no different on beta vs nightly :slight_smile:

I met the similar bug before.

but now, it seems fixed.

are they the same problem?