How to input chinese word?

how to input chinese word?
is the software named libpinyin?
how to use that?

in Haiku depot, just install BeCJK.

mm, i installed it, then how to use that ?

It doesn’t work if you have “translate application names” enabled in Locale preferences. Disable that and the menu will start to have items.

This bug is logged here: #18206 (issue about haiku IME and UI language) – Haiku

I see.
what a pity.

If you know any developers that could help with CJK related issues, send them over, it would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice to have out-of-the-box CJK input support. BeCJK back end is pretty old either.

You can at least change your UI language though, that’s independent of “Translate application names.”

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chinese word is very compliation.
there is still some bug in debian or fedora.
i think it is a long way for haiku.
i saw lots of idea about haiku in chinese website just like Technology Community)
so, is it just about the BeCJK or even the kernnel for solving the bug?
if just BeCJK, i think it’s easy to hire or find chinese people to do this work.
if kernnel, that’s too hard to dig more people who have enough skill.

It is probably in BeCJK using B_TRANSLATE or B_TRANSLATE_SYSTEM_NAME where it shouldn’t, and trying to access a file on disk using the translated name instead of the “real” filename.


Yes, as far as I know the Japanese IMEs (Canna, etc.) all work with “translate system names” enabled, so that suggests this is a BeCJK problem.

Is source code is at HaikuArchives.

i try to type chinese word in abiword,but no result.
there is no such problem in PE or styleedit.
should i install chinese fonts first or do some adjusting?
or just try libreoffice instead?
maybe it’s a problem about gtk compatibility.(i guess)

You should have already some fonts installed otherwise it wouldn’t work in native apps. These apps may have an independent font setting in their interface. I would check that they are using a compatible font there.

i change the fonts.but still the abiword no working.
mm, libreoffice is fine.
libreoffice is more important than abiword.
that’s good enough.


The GTK port is done through a Wayland compatibility layer; I think it doesn’t yet support complex IME but only keyboard input. Something for @X512 to work on, I suppose.

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使用alt+ctrl+空格 调出输入法。

mmm,where is the bug report file to save?
i just noticed when i open a chinese word file by abiword , it crashed. maybe i can find out the bug reporter file to upload .

normally on the desktop

where can i upload the report file?

Hello. Please, create a new ticket and include the report file here:
Issues · haikuports/haikuports (

Thank you!

Yes, input method support probably can be implemented with some Wayland protocol, but I haven’t investigated in detail yet.

Haiku Wayland compatibility layer bug reports are here: Issues · X547/wayland-server · GitHub.

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