What do you think about HaikuDepot (the application in Haiku)?

More specifically, about the user interface, user-friendliness and functionality.

  • I really like using HaikuDepot, and I think it offers the same functionality as pkgman through CLI
  • I think accessing pkgman through CLI offers more functionality, and I prefer using that.
  • I like using HaikuDepot, but I think more work is needed to bring it to feature parity with pkgman’s CLI.
  • I think HaikuDepot needs improvements to the user experience and the application to bring it to feature parity with pkgman’s CLI.

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I never played with pkgman (just a full-sync), and I don’t feel the need to use it.
HaikuDepot is great for me.

Edit: it’s way better than GNOME Software or KDE Discovery


These options feel random to me. What is the reasoning behind this query?

I like using HaikuDepot but it does not offer the same functionality as pkgman. I don’t know why the first choice is there since we know it to be untrue. The only thing you can learn from users selecting it is that they do not know the functionality difference between HaikuDepot and pkgman.

pkgman offers functionality that do not exist in HaikuDepot, but HaikuDepot also offers functionality that do not exist in pkgman.

If I was forced to vote, I would select 2,3 and 4.

I think HaikuDepot should be able to do everything that pkgman can do.

I use HaikuDepot to discover software and I like that you can preview screenshots. I think the UI can be improved. I use pkgman to update packages and to fix problems.

I did not vote.


The best OS is the one where CLI isn’t necessary at all for normal use. In Linux world we use CLI because GUI isn’t sufficient nor user friendly.
On Haiku, GUI is well and I don’t feel the need to open the terminal.


Using pkgman mostly (also because Terminal (tabs) are always open here and usually I know what I’m looking for), HaikuDepot works fine for my needs if I use it.

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The aim of this is to try and gauge whether people feel like HaikuDepot fulfills their own needs or whether they still require pkgman to do so. Obviously, depending on individual needs, the results will differ.

Personally I think the two should be brought to feature parity, but I want to see if that’s what everyone else thinks.

Haikudepot is good,
but it needs some improvisiert in the search term. a is in my opinion not good to the for all. This should be an asterix *.
I think most databases and user know the asterix as placeholder. So if i type in the searchterm w*, i get a list which contains all programs with a w at the front.

Regards lorglas


Pkgman as cli tool need to be as it is. HaikuDepot is for the normal user, he does not know how to use or does not want to know kow to use the terminal tool.

I have the same issue with the search function, but it was discused long time ago again and again and no one want to chance this.

If i press a or b or f or g in HaikuDepot i get all entries this letter are included, but it does not focus on that the user searchibng for. all would be better for all and not a.

I can not vote because i do not use booth often enough.


Fully agree with that statement. HaikuDepot works very well for me.

In general, it feels very strange lately that people seem to do a lot of poll without stating the problem they are thinking about. Please, give some context about what you’re working on and why you’re asking a specific question. It would help knowing what’s going on and maybe giving more detailed answers (I won’t do that this time because I think I have explained what I think is improveable in HaikuDepot already)


You are correct about question 1, but I think it came closest to the right question, which is: “I like HaikuDepot and it meets my needs”.

I was thinking of putting forward a proposal (based on some mockups @apgreimann made) to revamp the UI of HaikuDepot and combine it with Software Updater (plus adding a settings pane for repositories) to make it more of the GUI for pkgman as well as the app store that it is supposed to be. This poll was supposed to test the waters to see if people were happy with the current experience and whether I should even consider suggesting such a major change.

The poll has no options related to SoftwareUpdater, Personally I like it very much the way it is, I start it, it does something and I’m done, if i only want updates that is quite neat. We also already have repository preferences also.

That said, pkgman HaikuDepot and SoftwareUpdater are all frontends to package kit, not of each other, imo there is no reason why their functionality can’t intersect, for example HaikuDepot offering to update single applications or packages could be quite neat.


The only major thing I’d like to see with HaikuDepot, is a “What’s New” category.

And, maybe, a more visible option for what to show (Available/Installed/Develop/Source) because I keep changing those and forget that I change them.


I dont like the tabbed layout with recommended and all software. Its better to just use the scoring or downloads for a metric instead. If/when that is removed I would like to see large icons for every entry instead.

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Personally I am against concept of online repositories and app stores built-in to system. It limits freedom of software developers and users. Applications should be distributed by their authors, not by OS authors or maintainers.

BeOS had no any kind of online repository or store, applications were downloaded from various software catalogs such as BeBits. BeOS only provided simple package installation and management system (SoftwareValet with *.pkg files).

Also It will be good to have separate utility to manage installed software (listing installed packages, uninstall) that is unrelated to repository mechanisms.


HaikuDepot is great for expose to new applications, and finding packages which have already been brought over to Haiku. Eliminates the need to hunt around to find something, especially for those of us who didn’t come from BeOS. I like the approach Haiku takes: applications, tools, libraries, compilers easy to find and install with dependencies, but users can still load .hpkg files or install files on their own. This is the maximum flexibility.

There are lots of neat apps I’ve seen in HaikuDepot that I wouldn’t have known existed if HaikuDepot didn’t exist.


IMHO HaikuDepot do an excelent job. In the point of view of the user, i think, that needs somes features like “recently added” or “recently updated” (maybe adding tabs). Another cool feature (for me) is a filter for native/ported soft (I prefeer to try first the native soft :slight_smile:)


pkgman is more verbose, which makes it feel more reliable to me. Of course, those are not the most important attributes for an end user, so the GUI/CLI separation actually makes quite a bit of sense. I think HelloSystem also wants to do this too.

One missing item from Haiku Depot is the ability to retrieve legacy versions of packages. The data is in the depot server, there is just no GUI for it.

Eg. when I query for cmake from the depot website, I get the following list: