What beta3 features should be highlighted in the release notes?

Hey everyone! As the next release gets a little closer and we gear up to share what has been done to improve our favorite OS, I wanted to check in with the community and developers and find out just what it is you’re looking forward to most in the upcoming beta?

A little background: I just joined the promotions team this week and am helping the team sharpen our PR and marketing efforts as well as our overall image. We want more people paying attention and participating with this great OS, and a release is an excellent time to really show our stuff.

I’ll be writing our press release and announcement based on your feedback here.

So let me know what you think! This is an exciting time to be Haiku!


In case someone wants a reminder of the things done so far:

For me the main things are the many bug fixes in Installer and DriveSetup, and the update to the web browser (not done yet, but it is planned for the next release) which I hope will fix compatibility with some websites.


Fixed Tracker rename textbox bug and fixed Tracker cut-paste ghost-icon bug. Hopefully.
Thats all, i have little expectations.


Support for rtl8192EE PCIe WLAN card…fed up…

Usb Headsets, lockin screen to protect the system

A reminder, this thread is about the new features/fixes that will be in beta3, not whatever one wishes for. Basically, it’s what features/fixes you like in the nightlies that were not in beta2.


By far webkit/WebPositive fixes.


Web+ improvements (webkit 2)
Update can resume now
Drive setup
Improved drivers
Dark theme
USB-Printer support now works for Brother HL1430

Many new Software ported and working in Haiku

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Most important for me: Brightness control
Second: WebPositive improvement
Third: Improved mail client for Gmail

Again this thread is about features already planned to be in beta3. It is to help prepare the release notes.

For general features requests, please use the bugtracker instead. The “enhancement” ticket type is what you want. Requests from the forum will likely get lost (like the dozen other threads that were actually about this).

Edited the topic title since apparently people don’t read the post itself…


My apologies, I should’ve been more clear about that one. Feature suggestions are always welcome, but please take a look at the draft release notes and let us know if anything sticks out to you!

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Two things I really like in current nightlies:

  • The system update can now resume downloads
  • Improved support for dark color schemes

And as many I’m really looking forward to the Webkit updates being merged. It’s not on the list, but as I understand it’s supposed to be in the next beta. So far I don’t know how much this will be a noticable improvement, but I’m curious to see it in action.

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Hmm, well the section about hardware compatibility needs a “lift”, with more details, “improved hda drivers” doesnt say much, which chips are newly supported/changed would be good to know.

Would be good to go into a little more detail in the web browser department as well,
like the wikipedia shortcut, I had no idea that existed until now, so that might be worth a highlight by adding a condensed list of common shortcuts (Top 3 shortcuts maybe).

Other than that, a good draft, well done


Fixing annoying KDL on unmount (#12847). Currently scheduled for R1/beta3.


The improved Intel and Nvidia drivers would be good to highlight.

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We appreciate your feedback, everyone! Bumping so we all get our chance to comment!

Personally, I’m really looking forward to dark theming. I’m a huge fan of dark work spaces.


that functionality isnt finished yet, most of the work I did was fixing apps that were unreadable with dark mode. (unless you refer to themes in thememanage, but that didn’t change much)

On another note Pulkomandy enabled the dark mode in webkit now.


Additional WiFi adapters idualwifi7260 in my System76 laptop being added to beta3. It was added to the master branch shortly after beta2. Maybe other drivers were added?

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Do we open a bug on tracker for things to be added to the release notes or just add to this thread?

Just add to this thread - one of the devs should see it and make changes accordingly :slight_smile:

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