Web broser in nigthly builds?

I am testing every new nigthly build and I’m wondering why there isn’t a web broser in these builds, in my opinion it’s very importan to testing various posibilities of Haiku.
Is thre a particular reason for this??


The nightly builds are meant for testing of drivers only; people should be using the Alpha1 for everything else. This is due to how much space the non-core extras take up.

This being said, the Alpha2 candidate images can not be too far away; These should have all the extras in them.

I think this mailing list topic needs a “bump”: http://www.freelists.org/post/haiku-development/Towards-Haiku-Alpha-2-or-Beta-1

Nightly builds are intended to show only Haiku without any 3rd party applications - just provide the base OS. Release versions, like Alpha, include additional (3rd party) software.

When Ryan & Maxime are finished with Haiku web browser then maybe it will get included with Haiku? Depends on developers deciding this.

EDIT: Nightly builds just meant to test the OS itself. No date has been set for Alpha2 - it may get released in next 6 months or sooner ( or even later ), can’t say when until developers decide on release date.

Ok thanks for answering so fast, then I will use de alpha 1 version daily and, I will keep on test nigtly builds on the real hardware like I did until now.
Alpha 2??? I wish it comes out soom, very soom. :slight_smile:
I want to test it a loot jej

from a Terminal type:

wget -c http://haiku-files.org/files/optional-packages/BeZillaBrowser-

This will download the browser.

extract the zip to /boot and you are set.

Ohhhhh wonderfull, with that Haiku its every thin I need for my daily work.
Thanks a lot, I’m going to try it now.

Thanks, that worked, it took me a wile to now were exactly to expand but it worked, now I’m triying to put the bezilla browser in the Haiku menu like in the alpha version:)


Double click of the program menu in deskbar to open up tracker and symlink the bezilla browser there.

That was easy :slight_smile: thank you:)
Now, I have an easy way to download aplications on Haiku having the latest versions of the OS, and also now how to keep order jej thanks again.

I was just wondering this myself. I think it’s dumb to remove the browser from nightly builds. They’ve had the browser in nightly builds for years. Why change now?

Hi well I don’t remember if the browser was in the first VM image I tested, but I realy miss it, it’s posible to install it after instaling the system but for testing, it wolud be faster having it instaled with the system.
It’s only my opinion of course.

It isn’t terribly hard to add the browser to a nightly build, as hikaru has learned.

In most cases people are just downloading the nightly builds for testing purposes so it doesn’t make sense to waste bandwidth including the browser, since they may not need it.

The nightly builds are for testing and are not intended to be used as a system, hence why they are minimal. Of course people are free to use them as their system if they want, but they will have to add any needed software themselves.

Yes, but I had to search the forums before I found out how to do this. It “isn’t terribly hard”, but it was a pain in the ass for me to have search to find out. I wonder how many other people out there are saying “Where the @#$@ is the @#$%ing browser??” It was in there before and nobody worried about bandwidth. Why change now? Also, wouldn’t you need the appropriate browser for the version of Haiku? Doesn’t a gcc4 Haiku build need a gcc4 Bezilla build? Having the correct version in the image would make things easier.

And yes, the nightly builds are for testing and not intended to be used as a system, but some people (including me) like to keep checking to see if bugs that prevent them from using Alpha are being fixed. Alpha on my computer crashes into “kernel debugging land” constantly - from the simplest things. (I don’t know why, but I’ve never felt welcome in kernel debugging land…) So I still use BeOS and keep checking and hoping that Haiku will be fixed.

I imagine they were removed from the nightlies because we now have a release so the nightlies don’t need to be as full-featured.

I do understand your pain though as I have had my share of hardware problems too, though I’ve finally put together a machine that runs Haiku really nicely (so there is hope, but only if you have some spare hardware I guess.)

Maybe a reasonable compromise is a link to a script on the desktop which can download and install Bezilla (just a wget and an unzip.) Maybe something named “IF YOU WANT A WEB BROWSER RUN THIS”. :slight_smile:

Yes. That’s a good idea. :slight_smile:

I also think that’s a good idea,hope they listen to us, an scrip is only some KB and by runing an script like that you’ll can dowload the latest version of the browser.
I use nightly builds to see if Haiku work on the system I want to use wiht it, because actualy I can’nt instal Haiku on that system, so I test every nigthly build.
And again, very good idea leavengood :slight_smile:

The thing is, if there were a script on the desktop, it has to be maintained. That means checking if there are changes in the BeZilla packages at Optional Packages page. Also, what package is downloaded: gcc2, gcc4? Which version if there are more? You may have downloaded an older Haiku image on purpose. What version of BeZilla do you want to go with it?

A script that may get accepted could do a wget http://haiku-files.org/files/optional-packages/ to get the index.html. Do some bash magic to retrieve every available BeZilla package URL from that and present those in a numbered list for download with wget.

I’m not sure it’s worth it… but if anyone isn’t deterred, make sure to first see if this would be considered at all on the developer mailing list.


I have just discovered the lack of browser in the nightly build. Considering all the other apps’ (including essentials like the teapot, games etc.) that are included not including the browser is a bit silly.

Thanks bbjimmy for the command line tip.

The difference between BeZilla and the demos is that the latter come at 50-150kb a piece, while the browser weighs over 25,000kb. :slight_smile: Since the nightlies are for testing purposes, all the non-essentials are stripped. I know, opinions on this differ, but that’s the way it is…

Help is near, however, as Matt has been working on a nice little script that will ease the downloading of optional packages. Hopefully, it’ll be included in the image soon.


Reason why no BezillaBrowser ( Firefox ) is because this is separate software from Haiku.

Nightly builds are only meant to test the OS ( Haiku ). Alpha, Beta, R1 releases are meant to test OS + additional software. That is why the Alpha included lots of extra software in the release.

You may or may not agree with this but the developers decided this was best.