We need more idea or model to get more cash

However, for a satisfactory user experience, we recommend at least a Pentium4 with 512 MiB of RAM and 3 GiB of storage space. For compiling Haiku within itself, we recommend using at least 2 GiB of RAM.

the most new computer with Pentium4 is from A.D. 2005.

Old model is donate button by paypal, new model is on youtube, a value of visit changing on money. OR amazon model a drop shipping? You car a vehicole in storege for external clients.

  • There are forum talks of marketing items like coffee cups and personal apparel.
  • Maintain 1-2 laptops ‘supported’ and/or ‘certified’ by the OS provider or a third-party supporter.

Inspire and support people using/developing/porting applications on or for Haiku:

Bring more awareness to Haiku merchandise and expand product selections:

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I’ll buy a Walter tee shirt if they had them.

I think there are some images of Walter that are somewhere in the Haiku website repo files - I’ll find those and see if I can get Freewear to turn that into a T-shirt design :slight_smile:

Edit: must have remembered incorrectly - can’t seem to find it there. If anyone has a high quality image of Walter (or knows where it is) please let me know.

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I found a Walter logo here but dunno if it is hi-quality enough:

Edit: When zooming in, it gets pixeled. So I guess it’s not suitable for a shirt. But maybe for a mug?

Maybe some graphics wizard can redraw it as a vector graphic?

The vector version (WonderBrush): artwork/walter.wb at master · haiku/artwork · GitHub