Video editor 'Medo', WIP screenshots

It’s been a while since we’ve feasted on Work in Progress screenshots. I’ve been working on a Haiku native Video Editor (actually a Media Editor), called Medo. This morning I woke early and got to spend another hour on it. Sadly, I only get maybe 1-2 hours Haiku development time per month.


It’s progressing nice and slow, and my next feature item is implementing magnetic clips/effects on timeline track ie. as the user drags a clip, the linked effects move as well. As always, this will probably open a new can of worms regarding interface/backend/projects etc.

I’m sure there are other fascinating projects being worked on by other people, it would be motivational to see a few of those screenshots, so if you’re game please upload them …


Keep up the great work! :sunglasses:

This is looking very cool.

Some fresh screenshots:

Text editor improved to handle multiline text, backgrounds and shadows:
Note - spatial media effects are possible on all text scenes, so it’s easy to create scrolling text, even the the Star Wars intro effect with only a single Transform effect applied.

ffmpeg export:

I offer both native media kit export menu (kind of broken), and ffmpeg export (fully working).

Still got tons of bug fixes to do, so dont expect a release until R1 final is ready. Hard to accelerate the process when I only get a couple of hours per month to work on the project.

Enjoy the screenshots.


Ey it is great thank you, i want to recommend you a way to put notes on the clips and maybe a way to give differente colors, to difference it from other clips when you have a lot. anyway i did nt test it but i really want to give it a ride.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it’s on my TODO list (labels over clip). I will also fill the clip with more thumbnails, at this point in time I’ve only got the first/last frame thumbnails (which automatically update when clips are resized). Thanks for feedback.

It’s unfortunate that you did this instead of fixing the media kit code I guess. However, on the other side it’s nice that you manage to focus on working on your app, and don’t get trapped into fixing bugs in the OS instead as it happened to many of us :sweat_smile:


It’s unfortunate that you did this instead of fixing the media kit code

When I publish the code, the ffmpeg path (rather short cpp file) can be used as reference file to show how to implement native code path. Thats why I’m leaving both code paths in.

i want to recommend you a way to put notes on the clips and maybe a way to give differente colors…

See latest screenshot. I now have clip tags, and an arbitrary number of notes. Keep in mind that each new feature increases the number of instructions that need to be parsed for each mouse action. Notes are useful as TODO’s.


wow very cool!

This has been a good week for Haiku development. A few continuous mornings of getting up at 5am, and in less than a week we have colour correction (both the standard contrast/brightness/saturation settings, as well as colour curves). During the weekend, I also got continuous thumbs (clip previews) working, and to the delight of all Premiere/Avid users, the thumbnails are generated asynchronously in background threads. There are no GUI related delays with this app (since I use a proper Actor model design, dozens of actor on their own threads - the GUI is smooth as ice (since everything is done in background - the pervasive multithreading way).




Hey @Zenja, i would be fine if you workinprogress screenshots post have a more clear name, because this can be all and not you new app :wink:

Great work…
That is really amazing to have the curves done, would be nice to have them in Wonderbrush too!

Some Gaussian blur, speed effects (reverse/slow motion) and Portrait Blur (for those who hold their mobile phones incorrectly). It’s been a productive month …



Portrait blur seems to be more stretched in one direction than the other… is it a bug?

Portrait blur seems to be more stretched in one direction than the other… is it a bug?

The spinners allow you to adjust to suit your taste. You can combine many other effects and do it manually if you wish. This is just a simple ‘combined’ effect for ease of use (otherwise you’d need 3 other effect layers and 2 tracks). Personally, I never film in Portrait orientation anyway since I know you end up with 300px image intended to display on 1920 width. So you have to scale the footage (introducing artifacts), and probably apply another blur shader effect over the portrait blur to combat the scaling effects.

Wouldn’t it be great if the phone manufacturers allowed you to shoot landscape videos while holding the phone with a single hand in portrait grip. But no, they’re more focused on offering more emoji chars.

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People watching such videos on their phone will also watch in portrait mode. Landscape videos are going to get more rare and at some point people will complain that it’s annoying to rotate their phone to watch them. Though times to live in :wink:

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Just say no, say no to vertical video.


Colour scope with histogram, and white balance colour picker (thx Magnify sample code). A bit more Haiku development time this week …screenshot5


Very impressive