We need more idea or model to get more cash

we need more idea or model to get more cash.
i notice there are two way : donation and sell t-shirt.
how about to provide a VIP service for company?
i know lots of company have not enough money to get windows11 or macos.
can haiku be the productivity system for some field?
even hospital, banks , i see just working with windows7 which is lack of any service.
thay just need less than five kinds of application for working.
Capital chain is very important for any organization.
and business is the key of the world.
we just need the balance or rule to build the relationship just like GPL or MPL at Intellectual property field。

by the way, i am so sad about the slow speed of upgrading system.

maybe there are much more better idea than mine.

Hospitals still using Win7 are using it due to very specialised software and/or hardware that only supports Win7. They use significantly more than five kinds of applications. They likely have 8 or 9 figure (USD/EUR) budgets rather than sticking with Win7 due to having no money

I did seven years in medical IT, during which time the last EHR vendor in my countries market trying to push macOS just gave up as none of the supporting hardware and software was available for it.


And not only specialized applications. In many places, people do not want machines to reboot or change configurations on its own, and windows 10 & later have made that a really inconvenient thing.


I think a better idea would just be to call 100000 people and ask them to donate $1 US each. :slight_smile:

Hospitals and banks, at least in the USA, have strict regulations regarding privacy and security. Making Haiku go through a regulatory assessment would likely be painful and waste a lot of time.

Additionally the support load for any business is likely to be high. Most of the cost of business products is not for the product itself, but instead the cost of having support staff available for solving customer problems.


just donate, it is decided of people consciousness.
it is very important , but not the base of Capital chain.
lots of company just need office suit , modern web browser for ERP or OA.
usable is the most important for productive.
people or company will pay when they done work with any OS (even win3.1 or dos)
i guess some company would like to make the long
financial relationship with haiku for VIP service with haiku-os.
they just need how to finish their work with haiku-os.

And, how about sell USB-media which have burn the haiku-os with full application in haikudepot?
it is useful for lots of people who not link into internet or low speed .
also it’s a way to get more cash for haiku.

maybe some computer manufacturer would like to take haiku-os with full application in haikudepot as the default system in their selling computer. also it is a way to get a stable cash railway for haiku.

just need to add the haikudepot’s ports from locale file as default.

I’m forking Linux CNC, stripping out the linux parts and moving the core stuff right o to the silicone of the controller cards, but, I need a gui and host os to reach in and manage and handle data etc.

so, the realtime control is on the hardware, byt the interface to it is from haiku. I’ll probably end up going to a Ethernet protocol, maybe TI Simplelink and port the library’s over. not sure yet. but having those tool available for haiku would be nice for lots of headless type control systems.

it’s a good application for haiku, will need to implement opengl graphics etc in the gui side eventually


Keep the ideas coming. We certainly need more money.

I think a better target for Haiku could be organisations that don’t have money to burn - like charities - and just need a few simple applications - namely LibreOffice and web browser.


small businesses need better solutions than the SAS model that’s eating the razor thin margins they eek out. I’d happily pay for a Accounting system that was relatively feature complete and as capable as QuickBooks from 2005

I don’t know where you are, but in the UK there is a superb and low-cost accounting program called VT Transaction.
It runs rings around all of the better-known offerings, like Sage.

BTW, it’s like QB in many ways, but a lot better.

is it available for haiku ?? if not it’s useless as i already have QuickBooks

I shall be trying it with WINE.

But, having used Quickbooks and many other programs, I can tell you that it is substantially better than any of them.

Gadgets can be nice, but maybe given that one of the main troubles with Haiku is to find the right combination of hardware that can run it, it might be a good strategy to put up a shop in partnership with some hardware producer to sell on the Haiku website Laptops that are certified to be Haiku compatible. If they are cheap they can be an easy way for people to try Haiku without having to go crazy on finding the right hardware themselves.

I mean a relationship like the one System76 and PopOS has is not unreasonable, but in the case of Haiku it would probably have to start on Haiku itself as people usually don’t search explicitly for Haiku laptop, but might get interested if they see from the OS website that they are available.

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We are not even able to write all drivers for our own laptops. Mine has no sound, no webcam, no external displays currently. Who is going to sell hardware with an “official” OS with this level of support? And with a target of, what, a few hundred users?

If they want to do it, they can hire a developer to write the needed driver. It doesn’t have to be the core Haiku team.

We are just not yet ready for mainstream developments like this. Let’s finish the OS first.


I don’t think haiku is ready to be a real alternative for any company yet. Because in addition to productivity, safety is also part of it. There are only single users and no password query when the system starts, the network area is certainly not ready yet, so a bank would be completely attacked from the back.

Of course someone could, if they want to, write software that works for a snack bar or pizza shop, for example (create/manage customers, place and pass on orders, create invoices…). I think something like that would definitely work.

But when it comes to security, I don’t think any company is going to walk away from windows or mac right now.

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But why would someone use Haiku for it? In the current state it really brings more problems than solutions. Unless you are in a very specific case where you can take advantage of things like indexed attributes, for single-application systems, Haiku doesn’t really have this much to bring.

Where Haiku has potential, I think, is in usage on a regular desktop/laptop computer with many apps interacting together. But we don’t have the many apps yet, and so this potential is largely unexplored. And writing a single app will get us only one step closer to it.

That’s right, above all there are already many solutions in circulation and nobody will be happy to deal with something untested and completely new if ready-made solutions already exist.

It was just meant to be noted where I could imagine that.

How was, I think that’s exactly it. We should first complete the system and eliminate the many small and large problems before we dare to enter the big market. Because once you’ve started with it, you have to provide the necessary support. With a circle of developers who develop haiku as a hobby, that would be too much and also not possible privately.

However, I could imagine that you would look for a client PC that is not only sufficient as RDP and that is recommended for haiku, so that people can use and test haiku on hardware without endangering their current system. My experiences with some client PCs are good, there are already one or the other (older) that runs well with Haiku.

But the whole thing is tied to costs that Haiku couldn’t afford at the moment.

maybe haiku can have Primitive accumulation from Africa.
i know lots of african sell chinese old computer to their homeland.
these hardware are old enough to be supportted by haiku.
african love music very much, why not haiku which is the media system from beos?

am i right?

and if bank is too hard, then what about normal store?
Self Employed just need simple application or software.

It’s certainly not that easy, because haiku also has a minimum requirement

Even these “small” self-employed people have their regulations and guidelines. These will also use software that is already available and will not try anything completely new

But you can start creating such software or look for someone to do it, no one will object to that. The Haiku core team has enough to do with the system and software like this has to come from outside