We need bebits.com back!


This is a good idea. Please do a suggestion to it on the Haiku bug tracker: https://dev.haiku-os.org


The importand thing is, that people does not install programs with every time ditherent folder paths for libs and drivers. So we does not have sld libs in ten folders for ten programs, we have only ten programs with the same libs, for example.


The dependencies for an recipe could be listed too?!


You can, from the command line. If you have 3 packages already downloaded, say a.hpkg, b.hpkg, c.hpkg, then run this from the directory where you downloaded the files:

pkgman install a.hpkg b.hpkg c.hpkg

If all the interdependencies are fulfilled, it may be smart enough not to download anything. Nope, it still tries to access the repositories to update their contents. To avoid Internet access, you’ll have to drop all the repositories (use the “pkgman drop” command), then do the install, then at some later time when you want Internet repositories, add back the repositories (make a list before you drop them).


“pkgman drop” command is used to remove a repository.


Speaking of pkgman, is anyone else having trouble with pkgman update?


Yes, the Haiku one isn’t working. Or rather, the https version isn’t working, change it to http. Probably the certificate on packages.haiku-os.org has expired.


Ah. That could do it. Thanks!


It will try to connect, but it will fail to if there is no internet access, and still install the packages.
But right, in that precise case there issomething we can improve. Bugreport, please!


And nobody has mentioned that there was a bug with the email registration until now? :weary: regardless if anyone has tried to register in the past and not received the verification email, all the accounts have been manually verified.