We need bebits.com back!

It is a pitty that we dont have bebits.com anymore… It was full of BeOS apps, very well organized and designed, each software with a description, screenshots, comments and rate, including top lists and information about the authors of the apps! It was very, very useful! We really need it back! It is a great tool for the BeOS/Haiku community… There was a lot of work and years of contribution from many users.

What can we do to have bebits.com back again???


bebits was an old unsupported archiv of beos software. The owner of bebits give up. Haikuware was a good supported archiv of beos, zeta and haiku software, and bebits was a part of it, or better to say it was online in a old stand and does not changed anymore. Many links on bebits are broken and so you does not not get more then that half of software any more.

I would be better to get Haikuware back… NOT bebits.


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Thanks for your reply, lelldorin! We need both sites back! bebits.com and haikuware.com! Then, maybe we could improve and support them, fix the dead links or build another new site based on them, etc.

What should we do to recover them?? Is there any way to contact the author?

The value of BeBits was the presentation of all available applications for BeOS in one repository well after the demise of Be Inc. website.

Similarly, the value of Haikuware for Haiku (and some Zeta).

There were also comments, notes, and tips for some of these applications.

Unfortunately, the disappearance of these sites and non-accessibility on the WayBack Machine due to the enabling of anticrawling robotexts may be damaging to the cause by giving the impression that there are essentially no applications available for Haiku.

Those of us of are very familiar with BeOS/Haiku will either have had downloaded the desired applications, or know of other ways to get them. This is not necessary the case for one who has just found out about Haiku and wishes to explore further.

Should Haiku host such repository? Should another individual or organization do this?

Hello, Stacked_Lambda! Thanks for your reply! Its very important what you said about the value of BeBits:

“was the presentation of all available applications for BeOS in one repository”, totally agree…

And yes, the notes, tips and rates were so valuable, I personally learned a lot reading them!

Of course we´ll have to decide in the future who has to host this useful information and apps (I offer myself
to help to do that), but right now Im still wondering how we can recover them?? Has anyone got some
information about the author of these sites in order to contact him / her??

The owner of BeBits and Haikuware is Karl Von Dorff. You can try to contact him. Be aware that attempts to do so from Haiku project members were not very succesful (I was asked to delete my own, unrelated, archive of BeOS software, for example). Karl says the data on these website belongs to him and that he doesn’t want to share it with us anymore.

Hello, PulkoMandy! Thank you very much for the information.

Pardon the thread necromancy, but this seems like a proper place to drop this:


Long live the BeOS :slight_smile:

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Okay, I’m as much nostalgic as the next person, but I’d prefer to focus on HaikuDepot app, internal workings of package manager and it’s WebApp front-end on HaikuDepot.com

I won’t lie, scrolled through some old BeBits screenshots and nostalgia’d hard. But we’re not living in the past, are we?

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Very nice, a reminder of how it looked.

Though the BeBits owner did explicitly ask that nobody make available the old BeBits site on the Internet. The third party software linked to by BeBits isn’t covered by that request (BeBits always had links, didn’t store the actual software), just the BeBits site itself is off limits.

Screw what he had to say, that guy is not part of the community anymore.

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Love the remake. Are you intending to expand on this? It’s sorely needed.

been focusing on adding a bit of sofware, i need info on how things like the talkback system were laid out as I can’t quite remember what that looked like :cold_sweat:

There’s not a single line of code from the original site used here, so if a disagreement were to occur i could just change the graphics up a bit :grin:

New code? Great! With new graphics too, copyright wouldn’t be a problem.

i just created a shiny new header graphic, actually :slight_smile: some of those icons i’m guessing may have come from other sources than bebits…

Congrats!! That looks incredibly promising! Amazing that you’ve recreated the look so well.

Changing the name to BeBytes, for obvious reasons :hushed:

And it’s coming along nicely too. :smile:

How about “HeyBits” or “HeyBytes”?
How it sounds in English?