We need bebits.com back!


If it were strictly the old BeBits contents, “WasBits” would be adequate. :slight_smile:
Get a wasp as icon…



Cute word play - and conveys a meaning of “history”, “past”.

Not sure about a wasp as icon. Didn’t YellowTab have some sort of bee/wasp as mascot?


I might have had some DNS trouble today, so if anyone was wondering why the page was unreachable :worried:


Great job on the BeBytes site!


Congratulations, Wildman! :slight_smile: Now it is time to upload as much software as possible in the different categories! Anyone can upload software in these categories? Or it must be done only by the creator of each application? Thanks!


Hi Caleb,
BeBytes has an app-submission page where you can upload software. Just fill in whatever details you can and upload it. If the administrator approves it, it gets added to the website. There’s also the “Talkback” section like the old BeBits site had; handy for adding info about the app.


Hello! Just a question: BeBytes is only for “BeOS” apps, or also for new Haiku apps?


Another question: Are you hosting apps we put up there, or are you just linking? That was always the problem with Bebits: If someone lost interest and deleted his website, all the apps he had linked there would just end up as dead links. So if you don’t have many gigabytes of server space to spare and just want to link, then you should advise people to put up their stuff on Sourceforge or Github and link to that rather than their private websites.


it would seem rather useless and redundant to put new haiku apps there when the os has its own package management and repositories :neutral_face:

as for where apps are hosted they are all kept in the same place as the page itself.


Actually, there is a need for a place to host zip-file softwarte for haiku. This gives new app devs a place to distribute their work without the need to hpackage it and then find and get a repo to host it.


on bebits does not nly stored external links, i upload all my files on the website


Lelldorin, I think you are confusing Bebits and Haikuware. When Karl set up HW, exactly this was the new site’s big advantage over bebits.

Still, as both are gone now, there is no way to settle the issue.


If your app goes easy on the dependencies, an HPKG can just be downloaded and clicked on. You don’t actually need a repo.

But I agree that such a place would be useful for “under development” or “source-only” releases.


I’m sure I can come up with something simple…


For new developers, an .hpkg file is just one more barrier to entry. One needs to know a lot more about how haiku works to make an .hpkg file that not only delivers your application, but plays well with the system. Then to distribute your app, one needs a place to add the file. BeBytes would be far easier to use for this than say my fatelk repo.

I don’t know about you, but I remember being quite frustrated with my first attempts to create an .hpkg file. If we wish to attract new devs and / or encourage existing devs we are better served with an easy door to new software delivery.

If there is a dev that has just spent his time and effort to develop what he believes is a useful app for haiku but he is now required to package it for a repo and get it listed there before nayone will find it to give him feed-back, he is likely to just give up. Zip and upload to bebytes is far better than this


I have added an OS compatibility reporting and filtering mechanism to make categorizing and searching applications simpler, now we just need to know what applications work on what. :hushed:


Site seems to be down?


I think the fonts are too small on your site.


Super nice Work… BeBytes :wink:


If only, my own uploads on Bebits I still have backups from, the ones from Zeta-games that ended up on Haikuware (without asking permission) I also have backups from them … a new and independend one like HaikuDepot would be good enough imho … (haven’t checked BeBytes)