Wanted ! BeBox hardware


i try to find complete Be Box hardware

my NeXT Cube is alone :slight_smile:

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It’ll be a mixed bag. You won’t find much software anymore, as BeBits was about the only reliable source and is long dead.

PowerPC is a real dead end. I loved it and used it, but BeOS PPC is dead now.

A lot of what you could find on BeBits is still around. There is http://pulkomandy.tk/~beosarchive as well as http://www.be.wildman-productions.org/

However, the Be Box is indeed a dead end, but what did you expect from 20 years old hardware? It’s still an interesting machine, even if it’s not suitable for daily use.

it’s just for me. i don’t want to use daily

Even back in it’s heyday, it was considered a novelty item to get geeks interested in BeOS.