Wanted ! BeBox hardware


i try to find complete Be Box hardware

my NeXT Cube is alone :slight_smile:

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It’ll be a mixed bag. You won’t find much software anymore, as BeBits was about the only reliable source and is long dead.

PowerPC is a real dead end. I loved it and used it, but BeOS PPC is dead now.

A lot of what you could find on BeBits is still around. There is http://pulkomandy.tk/~beosarchive as well as http://www.be.wildman-productions.org/

However, the Be Box is indeed a dead end, but what did you expect from 20 years old hardware? It’s still an interesting machine, even if it’s not suitable for daily use.

it’s just for me. i don’t want to use daily

Even back in it’s heyday, it was considered a novelty item to get geeks interested in BeOS.

Buy a compatible Mac. You’ll save yourself a lot of cash and get much the same experience.

EDIT: and just to be clear - I owned a BeBox, and I also own a Powermac with dual processors. The Mac was a lot faster and apart from the I/O (no one ever really did much with it) and the blinken lights (make some with an arduino and some LED’s if it really bothers you), you won’t miss very much actual PowerPC experience. There will still be no software, and the compiler will make you give up hoping you might be able to port stuff to it.

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