VMware sound compatibility?

I’ve been using VMWare Workstation under Linux to run Haiku R1beta2 but can’t seem to find a working sound configuration. I have MilkyTracker installed and its scopes move in time to non-existent sound. Is there a working driver I can use in this configuration?

See here What does it mean by 'could not find the mixer'?

Another option is to add sound.virtualDev = "es1371" hda driver should support it. If not OpenSound driver definitely supports it.

Thanks I’ll try that!

Hello Diver, “es1371” didn’t work but “hdaudio” did. Like you said in the other thread, the audio was choppy. It seems that there’s an insufficiently privileged task priority somewhere because the visual updates to the MilkyTracker editor sputtered in time to the sputtering of the audio.

es1370 driver was added after beta2 in https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/commit/?h=hrev54508&id=44c014b0afed50355017160f1ba1f01b48c32f7b

Did you try with a nightly?

No but thanks!