VMware addon mods

Hi all,

I was wondering if there were any modifications people wanted to the VMware addon for Haiku? The company I work for (Pivotal) is part of VMware (or will be soon) so I can probably get some of the VMware engineers to take a look.

Would this be of any use at all? Any feature requests?

(I’ve noticed that networking on VMware fusion seems to request privileged control of the network stack and prevents my other VMs from accessing the Internet properly. Any other issues like this?)


I have no idea why this would be, perhaps you have configured something strangely in the VM settings?

Well, most of the issues in the VMwareAddons are clearly bugs in them (like broken vmwarevideo in KDL, or vmwfs crashing the system.) But if VMware engineers take a look at them, nobody around here will object :slight_smile:

Yeah no problem. I’ll try and convert a few engineers to the Haiku cause!

I’ve left the vm settings as default. Once you install the vmware_addons, when you start the Haiku VM you get prompted for your sudo password - it’s basically changing global network settings. Not sure why. Perhaps it always tries to override the default network card setting?


I’ve got nothing on that one; I don’t think the VMware addons do anything with the network…

Just reran it again - “A virtual machine is attempting to monitor all network traffic, which requires administrator access.” - Probably a security feature in vmware that the network driver in haiku fires up. Definitely only get that popup during VM boot. Boot process continues, but always flags this up.

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There are a few bugs there https://github.com/HaikuArchives/VMwareAddons/issues

What would be nice is an ability to copy/paste files.


Agreed. That’s been annoying me recently. I’d love to drag/drop files.

That would be awesome… Right now I’m happy that C/C works but I can’t get the folder sharing to work with a Windows 10 Pro Host. Managed to do it with Ubuntu as guest though… (VMware Workstation 15). Any help welcome. :wink:

You could try setting up MediaTomb :slight_smile:

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Very interesting, I didn’t know Media Tomb. Annnnd now I want to use both. :stuck_out_tongue:

MediaTomb was/is running on another laptop (VBox onW7), downloading was done using this laptop (running Ubuntu) :slight_smile:

I am using Dukto to transfer files between different PC and virtual machines. It can be built in Haiku and also supported by Windows Linux and Mac OS X. It supports sending text, files and folders.

Another interesting option but sadly not a future-proof one since it’s not supported anymore.

But again, that add-on for VMware is 11 years old soooo… :confused:
mount -t vmwfs -o VMSHARE ~/VMSHARE

= no such device.

Under Linux, they did a lot of progress. Sigh.

@adamfowleruk if you can get some help or information, that would be AWESOME. :smiley:

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IIRC linking options for vmwfs needs to be fixed to work on x86_64.

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Daaamn ok that explains a lot. :wink: Thanks!
Damn I wish I could code sometimes… :confused:

ah… @X512 before i can compile ducto with qt4… right now i have issue with qt5 haiku… can compiled but always crash… can you share your binary / source?

I am using Qt4 version. When compiling with Qt5 it complains that some component is not found that was removed in Qt5.

oh i see…
thanks for your information

I also tried NitroShare, but it is not working on Haiku, so no known alternatives. It also is more complicated and requires configuration. Dukto is simple configuration-free application that automatically discover all its instances on LAN, list is dynamically updated when new client is started/stopped. This is must-have utility for me. Maybe it can be ported to Haiku API.

yes… i try that too. but too many problem just to compile it…
another alternative is [LANShare](https://github.com/abdularis/LAN-Share)
altough is compileable… compileable… but when i try not working…(not detect connection)

some many qt5 port version of ducto i try but no one works… .maybe i try again sometime…