Viewer for archived BMessages

Yeah that’s one thing I left out for now, BMessages that are contained in BMessages. Didn’t realize that was even possible when I started writing Kottan. But I plan to implement it in the future.

Thank you, glad you like it

What does projectconceptor do? Maybe I can help you getting it to run on a recent Haiku version.

No, was that from the BeOS days? Is it available for Haiku?

Sehr leiwand ! :smile:

Thanks for all the nice feedback so far.

Feature-wise I’m going to work on adding editing capabilities and the possibility to view and edit BMessages that are included in BMessages that are included in BMessages that are… (you get it now, do you? :wink: ) Should be coming in the next version(s). Let`s see how long it will take. :slight_smile:

I’ve already written a haikuporter recipe for the current version 0.3.6 which I’m gonna submit to HaikuPorts via pull request on Github. Does it appear automatically in HaikuDepot then or is there an additional step required?

What is missing now really is an icon for the program. Anybody around who would like do design one? Because my graphical abilities converge towards negative values, to say it politely. :wink:

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@BlueSky, just file a PR at haikuports, we’ll evaluate it and if it gets merged it will show up in HaikuDepot after the buildbot has picked it up, for the icon, you could create an issue at haikuports for it, maybe one of the GCI students will pick it up :slight_smile:

I also made BMessage viewer application. It decode all information in BMessage including hierarchy, arrays and binary data. Editing is not yet supported.


Back in Haiku-Land after a short timeout :wink:

I’ve pushed a new version of Kottan to the repo at

The main new feature is displaying the contents of BMessages contained in BMessages (and so on) recursively. Also the content of B_REF_TYPE fields is now displayed as full path.

Hope you enjoy the new version. A good test file for the new capabilities is /boot/home/config/settings/Debugger/Global. (you have to use the debugger a few times to fill it with a bit of data)

Next step is editing :slight_smile:

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Nice program, I like that all information is in the main window and can be expanded and collapsed. What I found a bit strange is that the program only starts when dragging a file on the executable. Is that by design or a bug?
Anyway, I wouldn`t have started with Kottan if I had known your program before.

This is by design. MsgDump is expected to be used to open file. This will be changed when creation/editing will be supported.

MsgDump should be present in Open with menu for any file.

Ah OK, that makes sense.

After not touching the codebase for about a year I´ve made a new version of Kottan with a redesigned interface and message editing features. Not all data types are supported for editing yet but the most common ones are.

The code is available under

As usual testing, bug reports and all other feedback highly appreciated. What is still missing is an application icon. As I´ve mentioned earlier my graphics abilities are severely limited so if someone wants to jump in and make an icon I´d be really happy :slight_smile:


Maybe an icon resembling Kottan?

Good idea but the problem is that inspector Kottan from the TV series doesn’t really have a look that is distinctive enough to come across in an icon (and he was played by 3 different actors over time). What made the character and the series special was the Austrian flavor of black humour that it contained.

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How about the shield logo from this link?

Or maybe a magnifying glass superimposed on the word Kottan, I know I’m reaching here.

For now, Kottan is build and available to install over pkgman or HaikuDepot for both 32bit and 64bit, thanks @BlueSky! :clap:


Thanks a lot @Begasus for your help.
There will be a new beta version soon, I’ve received some patches from @humdinger and also a russian translation from @hitech that go into the new beta.


Language translation for Kottan can now be done through Polyglot at
Thanks @humdinger for helping me to set it up :+1:


Nice work ! (just another thing for my todo list) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I’m afraid so :wink: The strings have changed quite a bit since your first translation. But they should stay relatively stable now :crossed_fingers:

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New beta version 0.13.2 available via HaikuDepot / pkgman


  • message file to open can be specified as commandline parameter
  • notification when open message file is changed by another application and reloaded if requested
  • File/Reload option added to reload manually
  • layout and interface improvements
  • position and size of main window is saved in settings file
  • Romanian and Catalan translations added

A big thank you goes out to everybody that helped improve Kottan :+1: