Very longtime shutdown

Shutdown is broken.
Very longtime shutdown.
This is unacceptable.
Bad job !!!

Thanks for the feedback!


@Knez did the right thing and reported the issue at ticket #3811.


Thanks for the Haiku.

Revert this commit, please…

This is a harmful update.

Haiku will do what Haiku will do.
It’s happened before, now it happens to you.

Your panic attack won’t stop it from being.
Only freak you out more
The more you are seeing

So take a short breather
Close your eyes and relax
To keep yourself peaceful
And stop your panic attacks

Haiku may be shaken not stirred
Maybe stirred but not mixed
Now open your eyes…
Haiku is now FIXED!!!

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Well, it is a nightly release, so things like this happen.
No need to get aggressive or angry. People are working on it (like everything in Haiku, always) :slight_smile:

So Haiku wont shutdown if I dont kill application wpa_supplicant…
The launch_daemon keeps relaunching daemons (net_server, syslog_daemon, mount_server, package_daemon, power_daemon). It seems the launch_daemon handles this incorrectly when the system shutdowns.
This is unacceptable.
Bad job !!!

Revert this commit, please…

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When is the slow shutdown bug going to get fixed?

hrev51832 - work fine
hrev51833-51844 - shutdown broken

Same here… I have to click kill app twice until the system will shutdown!
But it is a enhancement!
Maybe he or she will find the bug preventing Haiku to shutdown properly existing for many years on my system…
If she/he is going to do a patch… closing wpa_supplicant by default?! maybe this old shutdown bug will be killed?!

hrev51845 work fine

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hrev51847 works badly - the system still doesn’t shut down the computer

This is hardware problem?

This is fixed in the latest revision.

No, I don’t think so.
In the last revision, normal shutdown occurs strangely - once the computer turns off, the next time - no.