Unable to build partition image from master

Hello; I’ve been unable to build Haiku from checked-out source for months now. Is there something wrong in what I’m doing? Is this procedure superceded?

Setup: out-of-tree build to a Linux ext4 volume at /tmp/T/haiku/haswell with source on NFS at /home/mounty/haiku/{source,buildtools} and /tmp/T/haiku/haswell containing only my UserBuildConfig

$ /home/mounty/haiku/source/configure --build-cross-tools x86 /home/mounty/haiku/buildtools -j3 --use-gcc-pipe && /home/mounty/haiku/buildtools/jam/bin.linuxx86/jam -q @nightly-disk

The above command failed with a message about being unable to download a package. I don’t have the message now but I fixed it (on suggestion from someone on IRC #haiku) with

$ echo current > objects/haiku/x86/packaging/repositories/HaikuPorts-checksum
$ /home/mounty/haiku/buildtools/jam/bin.linuxx86/jam -q @nightly-disk

That in turn failed with a message about some version of jasper not being found. I fixed that with

$ (cd build_packages/jasper-1.900.5-2-x86/develop/lib/;ln libjasper.so.1.0.0 libjasper.so.4)
$ /home/mounty/haiku/buildtools/jam/bin.linuxx86/jam -q @nightly-disk

However this fails with this output.

The file referenced in the error message:

$ ls -l /home/mounty/haiku/source/data/settings/first_login
-rw-r--r-- 1 mounty users 2 Aug 23  2016 /home/mounty/haiku/source/data/settings/first_login
$ od -c /home/mounty/haiku/source/data/settings/first_login
0000000   1  \n

To confirm that I can write the partition:

$ ls -l /dev/sda5
brw-rw---- 1 mounty users 8, 5 Apr 10 21:14 /dev/sda5

Its permissions and ownership are set with a udev rule.

What is causing the error in the build log and what can I do about it?

Which host OS is that?

IIRC, udev reset permissions, and the user (mounty here) should be added to “disk” group to fix that.

Ive just recently started building within haiku gcc hybrid on virtualbox. These not only fail at roughly the same point in the build, but they also crash the VM.