Translation Software Available (OmegaT)

Good day,

In my search for software that would run on Haiku, today I run the first test with OmegaT , which is a translation software aimed at Translators, professional translators. It runs on top of JRE, so there it goes:
Need to carry on with some tests, and do some clever packaging so the icon on the Deskbar is not “JAVA” but OmegaT (this shouldn’t be too hard after doing the Python wrapper).

I used OpenJDK 13 from HaikuDepot, and downloaded the OmegaT portable without JRE to verify that at least it launches, it does.

More on this later.


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Thanks for sharing.
OmegaT is a great piece of software and I used it many time in the past to translate blog posts and news articles, glad to see it running on Haiku.


Besides other things, I’m trying to find software that can run on Haiku with the least tweaking possible, OmegaT has proven to be one of them, also Manuskript. I have to build packages of both and test them before having them “fully available”. Also I need to gain more insight with HaikuPorter, as it seems to be different to build a local package than to build a HaikuPorter ready package.

Hopefully there will be more sooner or later.