Third-party window decorator styles for Haiku?

Anyone know of any window decorators for Haiku that can be downloaded and installed? Looking to try out something other than the default decorator or BeDecorator (though, don’t get me wrong, those two are still nice). Thanks :slight_smile:!/?bcguid=bc1-VIUO&repos=besly&arch=x86_gcc2&viewcrttyp=FEATURED&srchexpr=Decorator

Very cool, thanks sir :slight_smile:

I wonder who is working on themes for Haiku? Would be great to see Dano, Zeta and Gonx themes available.

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@s40in had worked on the Hakilo theme pack HAKILO Repository (for HaikuDepot), try adding his repos to the system for some extra themes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Keep in mind: 3rdparty decorators from 3rdparty repos can result in app-server crash.

I actually have already had that happen once, tried to apply one and had the debugger screen pop up… Though I didn’t see whether it was the AppServer or something else that caused the issue. All I know is, when I tried to quit the debugger, the entire system was frozen except the mouse cursor.

Also would like to add that I automatically set it to use the old-style Be decorator when setting up a Haiku system, just because I don’t think the default decorator looks quite as good.

@mmu_man added the ThemeManager that comes along with some of the ZETA themes, there are some hooks (search for the stargate issue here (font related)) :slight_smile:
There is also “flatstyle” from @nhtello wich is nice if you want a darker theme :slight_smile:

As @Begasus says, are many themes and decorators around… in the flatstyle case, in the repo is a package that only works with R2 and not propertly with nightlybuiilds. The package will be updated after R3 (haiku source code changes in the middle need that). I hope that new themes and decorators come with fresh ideas and stop trying imitate old or other OS’s things.

Haiku is a modern OS, and needs to look like that.


Haiku is not even R1 yet, you probably meant Beta2/Beta3 which is not R1/R2.

Thanks to the correction, yes I meant beta 2 and beta 3.