Thinkpad for Haiku?

Can anyone recommend a known working thinkpad model for Haiku? The newer the better. Thanks!

If you want something netbook-like then the x140e, is a 1.5Ghz quad core/quad thread A4-5000 AMD based laptop that works fine with Haiku once you swap the bad stock wifi module for a FRU 04W3814 module. Extremely durable… fast enough for most things on Haiku, but a faster laptop will run the browser faster since Haiku has very little acceleration (it runs Browsers much better on Windows/Linux).

T430s and X220 are quite popular among Haiku users with most of the hardware being supported by the OS.

Although not the newest Thinkpad I am still using mine for Haiku testing.
It is well supported by Haiku.
Support of wifi, USB3 and UEFI boot has even been improved since my post.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon (1st Gen)

I’ve got an E550 (from 2015) which works very well. Newer models probably work well also.

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T440s, everything works ok. Touchpad and audio sometimes won’t, but a restart helps.

Is that a PS/2 or USB touchpad? Note I’ve had issues with my touchpad in the past…usually worse if I touched it during startup untill the desktop is fully loaded.

Here is the ticket:

I have an X220, works ok but still no sound for now.