Haiku compatible Notebook

With the help of the notebook tests from chaotic now on Besly i have bought a used Notebook that is well supported by Haiku:

ThinkPad X1 Carbon (1st Gen) with Core i 3. Generation, HD Graphics 4000, Ivy Bridge
which is very similar to the also well supported ThinkPad T431s.

Multitouch click pad works. But the right mouse click not.
There are separate buttons for left, right and middle click and the Trackpoint available and they work.

Shut down and Restart works
The wireless card works.
It is very quiet even with Haiku.

The following BIOS settings are required:
USB 3 disabled
Secure boot disabled
UEFI/Legacy set to both

Wish list:
Bootman for GPT formatted disks, see discussion on this forum.
a working mini display port

Manufacturer Lenovo
model ThinkPad X1 Carbon
Haiku- Version hrev50992
RAM 8,0 GB
chipset Mobile Intel QS77 Express Chipset
processor Intel Core i7-3667U 2.0 GHz @
processor cores 2
Graphic card Intel HD Graphics 4000 in processor - works
graphics driver Intel Extreme
Screen Resolution (native) 1600 x 900 x 32 (touch screen)
Screen resolution (Haiku) 1600 x 900 x 32 (no touch)
diagonal screen size 14.0 "
Network card (cable) n/a
Network card (wireless) Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205S - works (without HT)
sound card HD Audio Controller - works
USB- Boot Ok
USB number 2
CD- Boot not tested
touchpad Ok
Card- Reader unsupported

I hope this information helps to find a notebook for Haiku.



Thanks for the info! Could you please check if the wifi supports high-throughput mode?

No, ht mode does not work.
It is disabled during boot as recommended in the Haiku User Guide


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That CPU has only 2 cores though. 4 threads. I have nearly the same configuration on Fujitsu Lifebook P772 and Haiku runs perfectly on it. The only thing that bothers me is wifi, as I cannot use ethernet in my current environment. The overall performance is fine, but rdp/vnc experience is not that smooth without ht mode.

Thanks Yowane_Haku, have changed that to 2 cores.

Hello @vercu ;
very happy to hear that you’re all setup.
really nice of you to share.
Thanks :heart_eyes:

@vercu, thanks for the nice report, just a short question: is the audio hardver supported? Have you audio output in the integrated speaker and through the jack? Jack-sensing works?

Is the SSD wisible in Haiku?


I can confirm that audio works perfectly on that machine (both through speakers and the audio jack, with the “jack-sensing”, which I believe is an automatic switch of sound output when something is plugged into the jack, working without any issues), but only with OSS drivers. Built-in microphone works too, but I wasn’t able to get anything from line-in even after playing with the mixer.

for compatible hardware you can look here too:



the speaker work. When plugging a headset into the audio output they work also. All without OSS driver.
The SSD is visible in Devices and in DriveSetup. See the GPT thread for a screen shot.
Haiku is installed on the SSD. But booted with an USB stick.
Did you manage to boot the hard drive install without an USB stick?

Maybe you can try the uefi Haiku build…

Ah, yeah… It might have been a different generation of that laptop where I tested Haiku. On other laptops with the same chipset it still required OSS in order for HDA to work though. As for booting, it worked fine on all machines I tested with bootman installed. My Haiku is installed on an SSD as well. I had problems with booting it live from flash drive on Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Si 1520, but so far bootman has been doing a great job for booting Haiku on relatively old laptops. I have never tried a GPT boot though. I still prefer MBR for everything >_<

Just a short follow up:
The notebook now boots Haiku without the USB stick. :innocent:
Formatting the SSD as mbr disk with diskpart:

list disk
select disk

Install Win 10 and then Haiku.
Now Bootman works as expected.

MBR under normal system UEFI can not boot

That is correct dxqwx1.
In the BIOS the UEFI/Legacy switch should be set to Legacy.

My Lennovo T400 is really great with Haiku, highly recommended. :grinning: