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Some of you may know that for quite some time, on and off, I am working on a rewrite of WonderBrush, the graphics tool that comes bundled with Haiku releases. Since I have last demonstrated the prototype publically, I have occasionally found the time to work on it some more. I’ve ported over most brush tool related code from the original WonderBrush. And in the past weeks, I have specifically worked on a new text tool (written from scratch). The new text tool will address some of the shortcommings of the one in the original WonderBrush: On canvas editing and support for style ranges. In the current WonderBrush, a text object has one global font, font size, color and so on. And editing text works indirectly by entering it into a separate BTextView in the tool setup area. Both of these issues will be addressed by the new text tool. Different fonts, font sizes, colors and so on can be applied to individual ranges of the text and editing can happen directly on the canvas. Generally, I think a separate, regular text widget to enter the text is not such a bad idea. The text object on the canvas may be hard to see and read, either because it is partially behind other objects on the canvas, or because of applied effects or simply the current zoom setting of the canvas. So there is still a dedicated text entering widget inside the tool configuration area.

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Hi @stippi, since Beta has been released and 64-bit Haiku is officially available, do you have any plans to rebuild original Wonderbrush for 64-bit? Also do you still have any plans for the updated version? If not, what about open-sourcing Wonderbrush so that the community could at least make it available for 64-bit Haiku?


This program is really needed for the 64-bit version of Haiku.
At least it is the only application which can make rdef-files from png- or jpg-bitmaps.


Hi, thanks for the interest in WonderBrush. I still plan on open-sourcing WonderBrush, I just have not found the time yet. I may make a “code dump” which does not even compile as is on a current Haiku.


WonderBrush, BShisen and TimeZliner were the first programs I had installed on Zeta!

Please do! Maybe people at BeGeistert can hack a bit on it. :slight_smile:
And while you’re dumping code, any chance to dump 8slots as well?

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Who are all available on haiku too :slight_smile:


You have done a good Job creating WonderBrush, would be fine then you are working on it too :). Its your Baby

Loved this on Zeta, Would LOVE to see it on Haiku64

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I thought you are working on Wonderbrush 2.0 and Exposer again after Beta release?!

Would be great to have font import working in Wonderbrush.
And add a layer automatically instead of using shortcut “Control or Strg” to get a new layer…
To give a code dump to the Haiku developers could make them this happening soon at BeGeistert. And the 64Bit version maybe too.


I wonder if my Wonderbrush key will work with the new Wonderbrush. What’s the upgrade pricing structure? :joy::joy::joy:

I have finally open-sourced the new WonderBrush:

The project page contains a with up-2-date build instructions.


I have finally open-sourced the new WonderBrush:

You forgot to adding a license to your repo. Neither exists a License.txt file, nor is a license mentioned in the source-files.
Currently you published the sourcecode, but it isn’t OpenSource (as definition of the OSI).

Now looked a lot of more at it.
In the icon-directory the files are under the MIT-license

In the edits-directory there only stands in the files “All rights reserved.”

and some are under the MIT-license

In the gui-directory there again stands “All rights reserved.”

Colorpicker have some files under the MIT-license

So is the complete program under the MIT-license?

Possible. But for the Clockwerk-program the author have decides for the GPLv2

License of WonderBrushv3 is still unclear.

Thank you, @stippi!

Great news, thank you! :smiley: Once the final touches to the license will be dealt with, this is going to be a great piece of open source software for Haiku. :tada: :confetti_ball:

Have anyone build it well?

Make sure to use a recent gcc (setarch x86 as written in the readme). I had to do some other fixes, for which I submitted a pull request

Thanks, it works.
I don’t wanted to experiment, so I have also direct integrated your fixes.

Because this forum have currently problems with picture uploads, here a screenshot of it published on an external server:

It is interesting, that WonderBrush3 haven’t a help-entry with about-entry in the menu. :slight_smile:

Btw: The upload error is

Permission denied @ rb_sysopen - /var/www/discourse/public/uploads/default/original/2X/6/60d1dc089a22521720697278adbee5da505aea6d.png

To all, who haven’t already compiled and run it:
The graphics in WonderBrush are not created by me. Thats the graphics which exists, if you start WonderBrush3 the first time.



It seems the storage volume has incorrect permissions set. I’ll look into it.