The new WonderBrush | Haiku Project

Wantet to see a comparision between the predecessor WonderBrush2 and the current WonderBrush3.

Here are some screenshots of WonderBrush2

And the current WonderBrush3 is already mentioned on BeGeistert 026

with an YouTube video


Hello all… is it possible to set the font path to home/config/non-packaged/data/fonts?
So I can install/deinstall the fonts I like?!
Because data/fonts is in the not writeable system folder!

Non-packaged are before system/packages. So if you add a font to non-packaged and the same are at system/packaged (there the package install it), the non-packaged are used

Yes lelldorin I know…

Wonderbrush seems hardcoded here and uses the system/data/fonts folder only!

My fonts will not show up in Wonderbrush! (system/non-packaged/data/fonts or home/config/non-packaged/data/fonts)

This has been fixed for a while, but the build has broken undetected and therefore the fixed version never made it into HaikuDepot.

Korli has fixed that, and now there’s a fixed 2.1.2-9 version of WonderBrush for 32bit at HaikuDepot. A 64bit version isn’t available at this time.

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ah great just tried it… and yes I can use the downloaded fonts from HaikuDepot in Wonderbrush 32bit… great did not know that…

have to try my own fonts too… I will copy them to config/non-packaged/data/fonts then…

thx Korli for working on that…
… will there be a 64bit version in the next months?

btw… what about working on Wonderbrush 3?

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