The Lunduke Hour had me on as a guest to talk about Haiku


Yesterday, The Lunduke Hour, hosted by Bryan Lunduke (perhaps most famous for his “Linux Sucks” presentations), had me on as a guest to talk about the state of Haiku and where we go from here:

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I watched this video yesterday. It is nice to finally put a face to a name! I have been away from Haiku for a couple of years. Nice to know Haiku is coming along so well! Lets hope Beta 1 is released this year!:joy:


Very nice to see and hear Augustin Cavalier about Haiku’s status…



Do we have somewhere what is the proper pronunciation of Haiku? The one heard on the show surprised me!


Just like the Poetry:



Very cool! Nice PR!


Awesome! Downloaded the video and look forward to watching it.


Really enjoyable to watch, well done!


Augustin, that was so cool…really interesting. I learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t know. You did a great job and represented Haiku very well. Thanks for doing that, and for all the ways you help move Haiku forward!


All right everybody. Keep your eyes peeled for a surprisingly tech-savvy newbie on the forum. It could be Lunduke.


Loved that geek ever since Linux Action Show and short-lived spin-off Computer Action Show.

Computer Action Show episode featuring Haiku and BeOS history class:

Some fun behind-the-scenes banter of the episode above:

Linux Action Show’s Haiku Review:


After hearing about it on the show, I turned my hand to “updating” the Scribus recipe at Haikuports. Very nice to see such an app working on Haiku!


Bravo!! Getting the word out.


yes scribus is working very well… only right-click is not working… you have to use the main menu instead…
If you know about this little problem it is quite productive already…


Very well done, waddlesplash (I love your nick, BTW). You represented the project very well and your enthusiasm is so motivating!


New Bryan Lunduke interview with Waddlesplash.

Actually, on the video editing front we have UltraDV and Clockwerk, but both need a lot of love, of course.


Yes, this one was part of a livestream, and it took a while for the official upload to come around so I never made an announcement about it… It was a lot of fun, as before :slight_smile:


I can view that youtube video through this page, but i’m not getting sound… recent hrev Web+. I can live with that for now. YouTube has been crashing Web+ upon loading the site. Must be something on the site itself and not necessarily in their video player.