The latest release is from 2012?

Dear fellow BeOS fans,

I have been away for a while, and now that I wanted to download a Haiku OS image to see what’s new, I see that the current release is Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1… which is from 2012? Did I read that right?


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Probably. I use a nightly 64-bit build.

oh man the topic is already so old, please first read the existing then open a new, available

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Old? I just started it. It’s a brand new topic. I haven’t been around here in what seems an eternity, and was expecting SOME movement, a tiny bit of novelty in the official downloadable Haiku OS image.

I am still rather shocked that the current one is from 2012. We’re in 2018, in the middle of it, in fact.

this topic has been treated so often that it would have made sense to look for a contribution in the first place instead of opening a new one.

I did not want to say more. This topic is 10 years old and has been discussed enough.

And YES not your personal topic, but the discussion is old

Until a Beta is released just download one of the nightly images for the latest features.

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I did not want to say more. This topic is 10 years old and has been discussed enough.

You have some nerve showing that hostile attitude towards the community. What would it cost you to package up a newer image and present it for download on the front page? An hour of work, perhaps less? It would create a lot of good will from people who are now visiting infrequently - seeing that there is something moving would be very encouraging.

Instead you’re here pontificating about this question having been asked before. Well there is a reason why it’s being asked - because you guys should maybe create a damn Alpha image that is newer than 2012!

Half of 2018 is over and your fundraising goal is at 12% of its goal. I know this picks up at the end of the year, usually, but this time it looks more dire than it used to. And instead of trying to ingatiate yourselves with the community, you are antagonizing us.

OK, I don’t know who you, lelldorin, are - perhaps you’re not even a developer and just a random guy who gives a bad name to people who actually do Haiku OS development. Either way, it’s a terrible look. Do something to attract people to Haiku OS instead of throwing rancour and spite towards those that might have some interest still left.

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You show some disrespect to the team here. Please read the lengthy discussions that lelldrolin linked to.
Yes, it would take 1 hour to put “beta” tag on a random nightly. Yes, it would get us some attention. And no, it would not be a good thing. You know this if you tried using a nightly lately. They feature a web browser that will crash whenever you try to download a file, and many similar problems. This is nowhere near tqe quality we want in our releases, so we call these nightly builds and people are warned.

As for donations, the main source is donations from Google that covers 30 to 50% of the goal and come inone shot. So the meter isn’t representative at all. And with the costs being like a few hundred dollars per year, there is nothing to worry about currently (it would be different if there was a dev interested to do contract work, but at the moment there isn’t).

There are people working hard to bring a quality releaseé they know what they are doing. But of course it is easier to complain in the forums, asif we didn’t notice that 6 years have passed since alpha4


Did I say to put a Beta tag? You don’t even care to read the post you so indignantly reply to.

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I am the haiku troll

I dont know who you are too. I am a active member sience beos r5, developer, tutorial writer, helping other peoples in the forum if i can, admin of,

With my post i only want that you are read first the always done discussion and not streight making a new discussion. You are not the first doing it. Thats nothing to name you a bad guy or stopping you to discuss.

On the website of under get haiku you can read about no new release:

While we work on the last few blockers before R1 Beta 1, it is strongly recommended you try out a nightly/development build.

Thats you problem marietto? You are here for infos or making things bad?

It would be no alpha anymore, the haiku team working on the beta.

But if you do not get informed then unfortunately you can not understand that

Just put a more recent Alpha release for download on the front page. I bet at least half the people who stumble upon the website see that the latest release for download is from 2012, and will conclude that the project is dead.

I am not your problem, I am a messenger about a problem you have. You can go ahead and continue patting each other on the back. It doesn’t matter to me in the least. My advice is aimed at increasing the exposure and community, but hey, pile on me instead of fixing your own damn issues. It’s easier that way.


I know that, but this was discusses so much times. Why we should do it here in this new post again?

Why you does not arrive the project with intetest, inform yourself reading about you questions in available discussions and if you want to add something write to this available discussions instead open a new one?

Thats all, you does not need to feal blamed or an unliked outsider.

You are welcome

so much dang hostility in here

since alpha 4.1, package management has been introduced. it took a lot of time, more than any of the folks involved expected, but as a result updates are easier. there was talk of an alpha 5 but instead we’re on the road to r1b1, which, as i’ve heard it here, is a problem of logistics (a want for an autoupdating server), at which point the freeze is on and the team’s fixing the bugs rather than adding stuff. it could happen this year, could happen later.

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Also, read: Where is Haiku R1? | Haiku Project
Testing Haiku:

No. A recent snapshot is Haiku hrev51985+. The x86 nightly images are BEOS compatible if you use legacy BEOS apps. Use HaikuDepot app to add optional software to review. The Software updater app or using ‘pkgman update’ will keep your OS and software updated…

I suggest a more clear message about the Nighthly are the important thing, and the alfas should be hide and no so visible cause it is confusing… or just put a tag to give a Rolling release Tester Edition! something like it.


I’m too for promoting the nightlies as our “edge” release indeed.

Actually, the first text showing on the “Get Haiku” page is:

While we work on the last few blockers before R1 Beta 1, it is strongly recommended you try out a nightly/development build.

So, any casual/interested visitor who actually reads what is on a page should then be fully aware of the situation.

Anyone landing on the “Main Page” would also notice that the last source activity could be as recent as 5 minutes prior to the visit. Also, the latest blog entry is at most of the time less than a week prior.

What appears quite dated is the status of the “Fundraising 2018” which was “Updated: February 10th”.

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Ryan was last reminded to update this on the 25th of April. Sometimes if he’s sent more reminders he wakes up again.

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Let’s seriously work on getting the beta out (as if we weren’t already) and these problems will be solved.
I don’t like putting more visibility on the nightlies in their current state, they have too much embarrassing bugs (web+ crashes, black screen with intel_extreme, etc)