Haiku Beta1 will be here this year?

i was talking with people in diferents forums and first a saw was a superficial preocupation about the theme of haiku cause they think is a little old fashined for 2016 i know this is not so important thing but something i can see is a confussion with the alpha nigthis cause some people think the alpha is the last version on haiku os and this give the sensation of be a halted project, is possible wait for a beta to this year? or maybe just replace the Alpha button in the main page and go directly to nigth builds? i believe strongly in a look modernization for this project to get more community, anyway i have fidelity here and all my love for this O’s but seriuosly think we need here a new air, if i can help with the home page or design with all my pleaserure i can. anyway thanks for your great work there and for any answer in this topic. have a nice day.

I’m not quite sure what the status is on the beta exactly, (there are burndown charts out there, and you could check the mailing lists and random dev pages for progress. A few examples would be the pages here: https://dev.haiku-os.org/milestone/R1/beta1 and here: https://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/R1/ReleaseRoadMap). But, there is one thing I do know for sure: Alpha 4.1 is NOT the final release! Because of the changes with package management, the official release cycle slowed somewhat, but don’t worry – Haiku continues to get closer to Beta in the background, and whatever talk you’re referring to will become joy. :slight_smile:

For now, I would say to check out a Nightly release and use that until the official beta is done. At the same time, I personally don’t think replacing the Alpha button on the ‘Get Haiku!’ page would be a bad idea, either. :smiley:

Despite the fact that people compare operating systems to other ones based on looks alone (it’s all they have to go on, initially) - and despite the fact that they will then subconsciously pick a decade in their mind, according to what that other operating system looked like at during that period, I think the core developers would still want to focus their energy on the functional aspects of this operating system rather than prioritizing changing the look so that it looks more stylish.

Sure, I get the whole point about first impressions definitely counting, but at the same time, looks are only skin-deep. Also, Haiku isn’t exactly ugly - it’s just that since it’s comparable in looks to another popular OS while that existed within a certain decade, people think it looks “old”.

I quite like the lightweight neatness of sharp corners and classic styling. Looks will always be subjective.

What’s not subjective, however, is the number of open blockers - and the core developers are understandably loathe to start bikeshedding at this point (at least that’s the impression I get).

Haiku doesn’t look “old”, it has a traditional and conservative design, yet with subtle modern touches and enhancements. It didn’t change much over the years, not because the devs have no time to work on that, but because it is quite refined in what it tries to do. A matching quote is “perfection is reached, not when there isn’t anything to add, but when there isn’t anything to remove”.

If you want fancy 3D effects and gradients everywhere, Haiku is not the OS you are looking for. There are several projects doing better in that area.

I think what would really help us is, one would 4.2 or 4.5 or alpha 5 Offer an Alpha for download. on the one hand one would back an offcial was at one could develop its software and the other possibly new users would happen, because they live in the project view. Now the problem is the one that my yab program might work on the official Alpha, but not (exist Ticket) on the nightly. Apart from my problem, one shows the people out there who live in the project. As it stands, there are in Germany only a handful of users who belong to the developer team.

Greeting lorglas

English (Google translate):

It’s been so long the talk of an early beta version that I can no longer hear. I now believe no longer as it really haiku about the status Alpha away will come. It is and remains a playground for developers to try to develop an operating system.

Consequently, I believe that it is time for a positive message concerning a current, official version Haiku. Whether this is a beta 1 or alpha 5, it does not matter.

As written by Lorglas, has removed the and no longer support of private API meant that projects such as the easy-to-learn programming language yab (Haiku only) for developers and users has become almost unusable. Firstly all programs are created with the no longer support private API, no longer able to run on the current Haiku builds and on the other hand, users can no longer use the already developed programs on current builds first because they are no longer running. The problem in my view is that it makes now to equip all of the repository servers with various versions of the program that may be only a temporary solution does not make sense. Therefore, a release of an alpha or beta 5 1 the key point would be the developer, like me, this animate to recreate the programs and then ask again for an official version.

In addition, should the statement that almost all BeOS programs are run or run on Haiku, roofed and are otherwise says, because by removing the support not own API has also led to the even fewer programs run on Haiku.


Es ist jetzt schon so lange die rede von einer baldigen Beta Version, das ich es schon nicht mehr hören kann. Mittlerweile glaube ich auch nicht mehr so wirklich daran das Haiku über den Status Alpha hinweg kommen wird. Es ist und bleibt ein Spielplatz für Entwickler die sich an der Entwicklung eines Betriebsystems erproben.

Ich bin daher ebenso der Meinung das es Zeit ist für eine positive Meldung bezüglich einer aktuellen, offiziellen Version Haiku. Ob dies nun eine Beta 1 ist oder eine Alpha 5, ist dabei völlig egal.

Wie schon von Lorglas geschrieben, hat das entfernen und nicht mehr unterstützen von privater API dazu geführt, das Projekte wie die leicht zu erlernende Programmiersprache yab (Haiku only) für Entwickler und Nutzer nahezu unbrauchbar geworden ist. Zum einen sind alle Programme die mit der nun nicht mehr unterstützen privaten API erstellt wurden, nicht mehr lauffähig auf aktuellen Haiku Builds und auf der anderen Seite können Nutzer die bereits entwickelten Programme nicht mehr auf aktuellen Builds nutzen, da diese nicht mehr ausgeführt werden. Die Problematik in meinen Augen dabei ist, dass es keinen Sinn macht nun alle Repository Server mit diversen Programmversionen zu bestücken, die nur eine Übergangslösung sein können. Daher wäre eine Veröffentlichung einer Alpha 5 oder Beta 1 der entscheidende Punkt die Entwickler, wie mich, diese dazu zu animieren die Programme neu zu erstellen und dann erneut für eine offizielle Version zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Außerdem sollte die Aussage, dass nahezu alle BeOS Programme unter Haiku laufen oder laufen werden, überdacht und anders ausgesagt werden, denn durch das entfernen der Unterstützung nicht eigener API hat zusätzlich dazu geführt das noch weniger Programme auf Haiku laufen.

is old fashioned i am very clear on that but dont matter to me, is people who talk to me who say continuosly the same “it look like win 98”, you have a emotional reaction about it pulko, and i dont want 3d effects i just want a flatten theme but that no matter anyway you ignore my suggest and i know i can make a theme for the decorator if i have time, but for the record i am sharing the experience showing haiku os to the world, i dont believe haiku os need one less user it need more users and developers and thats why i show to people when i can, talking here about it is just for help dont missunderstand please.

I agree that there needs to be a positive message for Haiku. But I respectfully disagree over the part about whether it is another alpha; Alpha 5 will appear like a regression of goals to the outside world after being ‘officially’ stuck at 4 so long. Beta has been discussed for a long time, and it needs to remain the goal. Also, Haiku can’t just be a “playground” – if it is serious about attracting a large user base for itself, younger developers, and replacing BeOS… rather than just making itself a niche hobby system. Like many, I know that package management slowed and changed things, but now that it is 2016, I really hold the opinion that Haiku needs to climb to Beta at least by the middle of this year to show the world it is really moving forward.

I’m not so concerned about this, and it’s rather sad too, because I’d postulate most mentioning how ‘ugly’ things look have not ever used Be OS R5. Plus, 3D effects in the mainstream desktop UI are not the trend right now as they were in the early to mid 2000s (e.g. original Aqua, Aero). The major contenders past 2012 became much flatter in favor of Material, Glass, the “Metro” (or Modern) UI look, and nifty animations and blurs have become the norm. It would seem VR is becoming the new direction of 3D – although, I can almost bet this is all happening so that 3D elements on 2D can have a huge resurgence with everyone. And, to be honest, I miss the days when Aqua elements looked like toothpaste, and still enjoy looking at my old Macs.

I admit, Haiku will look a bit dated to the casual observer compared to the current titans (and you can create a new decorator if you really want to change that). But remember, though, Haiku tries its best to take after Be OS R5, and boldly preserving that look for R1 is the best way to keep the legacy alive. So, it looks like an improved version of the classic. With that in mind, please be nicer to Haiku’s look. :slight_smile: It is that way for a reason. To me, it does not look like Windows 98 (or like early NT, such as React OS) – the shadows and edges are deeper on those, the look is more stark, and they are ugly.

Anyway, there’s my opinion in that topic for whatever it’s worth. But don’t call Haiku old. :slight_smile:

Agreed, it doesn’t look old at all. One of the reasons I liked BeOS in the first place was because of the looks. To me, if you take away that you also take away a big part of what BeOS was and still is. The icons are excellent and look how a OS should look, unlike this absolute madness latest craze for bright multi-coloured giant squares or tiles that look like something out of a child’s toy box, and shove boatloads of ads in your face! No, leave the looks alone please.


Haiku looks perfect. Classic enough to remind me of good ole BeOS days and modern enough to look slick. If Haiku dev community was huge like what BSD or Linux has, then yes there could be a dedicated UX team experimenting with stuff envisioned in Glass Elevator. But as of right now Haiku dev team is too small to waste time on bells and whistles.


having a window that has tabs, in a stack of windows, feels like organizational wizardry, it’s getting away with something that’s supposed to be illegal. it’s super nice and no other interface does it.


I was surprised by the OP’s comment. The city of Bath was built 250 years ago and the architecture was so outstanding that it is classified as a World Heritage Site. It’s obviously old, but nobody calls it dated, they call it sublime.

I love the design of Haiku. It is simple and elegant, friendly but functional. It looks as though a lot of money was spent on it. I don’t know an operating system that looks better, and I suspect it will always look good except to people who think modernity always means progress.

As for the release strategy, I agree that the Alpha release should be quietly retired in favour of a recent nightly which works for most people. It could be Alpha 5 or, preferably Beta 1. Either way, it doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s not the final release.

As a very recent member of this site, my opinion doesn’t count for much, except that for the moment I am seeing everything with fresh eyes. And it’s the people that haven’t seen Haiku before who need to be convinced that it’s alive and well and progressing.


Design can be changed at any time — it’s not as hard as you can think. Just tell me, and I’ll draw something new for you.
Really hard work always in the code, so let’s don’t touch interface until R2 phase.

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Have you news? It has been a year since January 2017.
Haiku Beta1 will be here this year? 2018?

Greeting Chris

From what I gather, that is the plan. They’re shoring up infrastructure related things and have to cut the branch(es), etc…

Fingers crossed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2018? 2019? :disappointed_relieved:

The official word is “when it’s ready”. We are still “almost there” and a lot of the infra has been deployed already. Package repos are up and running, and the git server now runs Gerrit which makes it a lot easier to manage a release branch.

However, there are some things to wire together and one of our main admins is currently unavailable.Once he is back, work on this will resume and we should be able to remove the last blockers to the release.

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It look old, it is lovely but is old, all the dev say it is good but the majority of people say it look so 90s mean old… I dont know why still say it is not old when it is xD[quote=“PulkoMandy, post:4, topic:3878”]

Haiku need a way to get themes cause this is ugly for new users… You can say i like it, and me like it too but my cousin and other amount of people over internet ofend me saying it is the most ugly os never… And i cant change anything with the appearence but the colors.

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Haiku is not ugly. Windows 10 (much like its ancestor XP) on the other hand, that is one ugly mug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

xp great:狞笑: