The Cotton Squares "new" tunes


After digging through “The Wayback Machine” at I found 40 new Cotton Square tunes!

If you were around in the Be days, you probably remember The Cotton Squares- a band made up of BeOS engineers and their songs were shipped with R5

“The Cotton Squares are a Menlo Park, CA-based rock and roll quartet featuring singer/guitarist Baron Arnold, rhythm guitarist Doug Wright, bassist (and occasional guitar soloist) Jeff Bush, and drummer Ficus Kirkpatrick.”
Here’s a link



Haiku technically has permission to re-distribute the BeOS songs to some degree. I asked one of the band members a few years ago. I should dig that email up.


Wow! Never knew of this! This is really cool; thanks for sharing.

Land of the Leaves

These tracks are not all officially “Cotton Squares” tunes but almost all are w Baron Arnold singing and many of them are Baron and Ficus in a project called “Kissing Contest”. Others appear to be solo stuff by Baron.
If anyone can find any more tunes, please post here!

Here’s some more stuff I found including an alternate version of “Focus Pocus” one of the tunes distributed with BeOS