Terminal (shell) stopped working after system update


After recent system update, via pkgman update the terminal has stopped working.

This is what I see, when opening a new terminal:

I did a clean re-install of Haiku from the ISO image, which temporarily fixed the problem.

However, after running pkgman update on the “fresh” system, again the same problem shows up! :cry:

Any ideas how to fix or avoid this problem?

Thank you and best regards!

Hi. Please, report this issue here:

Please, include the Haiku revision (hrev number) and the version (32 or 64 bit).

As a stopgap measure, you can try installing the Konsole (KDE’s Terminal Emulator).

Just to make it clear, this happens with a fresh installation from the latest ISO file (64-Bit).

Problem start as soon as you run pkgman update once.

Also, I cannot install packages now (or do anything), as I have no working shell/terminal anymore! :flushed:

After upgrading to “Haiku R1/beta4” the problem no longer seems to occur :bulb:

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HaikuDepot / SoftwareUpdater should be still available. Do not forget, Haiku is not unix and the 70’s are over, we have GUIs nowadays.