Task: Extend project history

Is anyone interested in an archeological expedition into Haiku’s history?

There’s ticket #14461 that suggests that the Project History should be brought up-to-date.
Anyone not comfortable with creating a PR with the changes is welcome to just post the additions here.


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I lived on Tycom Systems BeShare server during the collapse of Be and the beginning of Haiku through WalterCon 1. My memory might be a bit hazy that far back, but I’d be willing to serve as a compiler and linker (story editor) for any stories, or other info any devs and users might have on the topic.

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Too lazy to lookup the dates myself, but:

  • We probably don’t need every GSoC and coverity run besides the first
  • Wifi support? x86_64? usb3?
  • 2010: first participation in Google Code-In. We are one of the only two orgs who participated every year since then
  • If we list the first Coverity scan, we should also list the PVS studio scan
  • LibreOffice port? Java port? Qt? Go? Swift?
  • The switch to package management?
  • Switch to git from SVN? To Gerrit?
  • In general completion of all the “R1 feature poll” items could get a date as important milestones in the project

Despite being a good milestone back then, if it is not in a “modern” state, i wouldnt consider Go port on the same level as the LibreOffice,Java or Qt ports.


Yup. That’s me front and center in the first pic. :joy:

And that’s my old computer that Michael Phipps is sitting at doing an interview in the last pic.

Good times in Columbus Ohio.