Still looking for a Haiku mascot?

Seems to me we are from different cultures.
I do not see much difference between Haiku and Haiku OS – they mean the same.
How I see, “Haiku” it is symbolic name for this Operating System (before called: OpenBeOS, OBOS), like baptism name for people. And “Haiku OS” is more technical and definite name. Haiku is OS, you can not negate this.
Also we can call thing how we want or how is convenient for as, you can not forbid.
Also you can see at, that “haiku os” is synonym for “haiku” (operating system). Want someone or not, it is a fact.

Well, that gets us to the distinction between a mascot and a logo. I am not entirely sure what that would be, except that “mascot” seems to be more anthropomorphic. If you can dress up as it at Halloween, it must be a mascot!

[quote=“luick, post:17, topic:5538, full:true”]Another thing is that the name haiku does not sound good in Brazil.
OK, can you elaborate? There are so many languages that any word you choose is bound to be something embarassing in at least one language. But Brazillian Poruguese Is one of the bigger, more important ones. Does “haiku” mean something obscene or funny, or is it just an unnatural combination of sounds in your language?

As I thought it to be… it was just a joke!
A joke using Walter the fish as name and/or logo… Very funny! ha ha…
But do you see what this little joke did?
Still a lot people remember this one… It gives a picture to a product! It will be remembered in one its brain!
Creating a mascot or a logo is a science! People will connect the picture with the logo and the logo with the OS and so on…
It is just work for the brains or non brains… my english is not good enough to explain exact what I intend to say…
Conclusion: Use a mascot if you like. But if you are not sure about it make no jokes or fast decisions… let it for a while untouched… and then some mascot will arise of its own… from far far away or just by accident.

Example of a mascot:

This mascot degrades the surrounding experts to far more than non-experts! Ah yes thats my personal impression. Maybe you will like it?!

Cultural Moment:

How could I explain?

When someone hurts the finger does in Portuguese from Brazil - ai (interjection) = Ouch!

And Ku = cu = ass

The H at the beginning of words is not pronounced most of the time.

So stay Haiku - Ouch! + Ass

So I plan to create a blog to publicize the Haiku with the Title:

HAIKIDS (in Brazil it sounds like Hi! Kids) ;)))

We do pronounce the “H” so it is not aiku!
and in europe kiu not is not cu!

So no problem! We should spent more time to get people read the dictionaries right then?!

Strange people out there!

Always seeing/hearing something which does not exist:

Hmm, yes, I see your problem. But in English, “ass” is in “asset” and “assume” and nobody cares.

In Dutch, “haiku” as it is pronounced in English, sounds like “haai-koe”, or “shark-cow”. Now there’s an idea for a mascot!

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You’re right, but it’s Haiku and it’s an OS. I call it myself mostly so, but I’ve also read more often that one should separate this by name.

On the other hand, the truth is an article about haiku about a search engine to find if the OS is not attached, equal to zero.

I also think that haiku does not need a mascot. Which operating system does actually have a real mascot?

Windows = No
Mac = No
Linux = No

Linux Distibution = Yes

Maybe you should leave it up to those who might create a distribution and then distinguish it from the Haiku family?

Actually, I think, Linux have a mascot (penguin).
…or this is logo and mascot?

I know the penguin is for linux but does he stand for linux or was he used for a
distribution, and is thereby actually the mascot of this distribution?

Linux distribution often have a mascot or logo (Suse = penguin, Ubuntu use
the penguin (because popular), redhat has a red hat as logo …

In the tradition of …
Be without mascots
Zeta without mascots
Haiku does not need any

Actually, I think, BeOS had a mascot (bee).
…and Zeta had mosquito (or wasp?).
… … and going by this way, haiku can have as a mascot the bumblebee.
… … … I would add, that bumblebee is very clever (for a bug).

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Well. I never imagined the contingency that my proposal has carried on.
I decided to make a clean break and use another prompt for this year’s contest – using one of my OC’s in a special topic.
Thanks anyway for the opinions. I will be, however, be more grateful for a user who decided to share with me his thoughts.
Well, here is 9.28pm, so good-night.

This is only acceptable if you also say Android OS, Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS (oh wait).

As for the domain name, we have been trying to get our hands on for years, but the people who own it want something like $5000 to let it go. This is the only reason we are still using

The name of Haiku is just Haiku. Not Haiku OS. Where confusion with japanese poems is possible, you can say “Haiku, the Operating System”, or “the Haiku OS”. Like when confusion between windows (on a wall) and Windows (the operating system) is possible. But, that is not part of the name.


I do not agree. There is difference between what someone want and what is are in reality. In reality Haiku (OS) and Haiku OS it is synonyms.
Also I can add, that from my perspective it is stupid to call things in the names of another things, it is confusing. But it is how it is in english world.

This is getting ridiculous. The founding and current members of the project call it “Haiku”, every ‘official’ document and all the documentation call it “Haiku”, the logo says “Haiku” and the officially tradema®ked name is “Haiku”.

You may wish it was called “Haiku OS” or any other name, and you can keep calling it “Haiku OS”, but the fact remains that its name is “Haiku” and the people pointing that out are correct. It’s not a matter of taste or opinion.

– this is a fact, not opinion.

the name of the domain must not the same as the product. they can name it haiku-home too. hey but it is long time haiku-os

“home” in haiku-home and ”os” in haiku-os it is not the same level of naming, “os” is a part of a name, and “home” it is additional information.

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why this is not the same? because you think about it by your self.

it is a fact that haiku named haiku and not haiku os. why you does not accept this?

i does not understand this discussion

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I prefer thinking by myself. It is good thing.