Steps to create a Haiku repo

Looking to set up a repo for my games but need the steps on doing so hosted on a Linux server. Pointers to instructions welcomed!

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Look here: BeSly — Haisly

Our repository is on Linux too, so you can ask @lorglas for help you setting it up.

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Have a look at HDS help, it could give you some hints.
But, if your games license is not a problem, why not use an existing repo?
If you’re a bit scared by Haikuports recipes, BeSly repo would be a good choice.


The HDS system reads from a “published” repository over a network in just the same way that a Haiku install would. The HDS system then stores the data from the repository and then allows users to augment it with material such as icons, screenshots, categorisations etc…

For this reason, this documentation is probably not what you are looking for since you are looking for a means to “publish” your own repository in the first place.

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Or take a look at this description.




Ok after comments I think I will go back to using a existing repo. I had docs on how to do this but I can’t find them so if someone can point me to descriptions on doing this I would appreciate it!

First you create the corresponding HPKG which, as a vendor, must then contain the respective repo (for us: “BeSly Software Solutions”). Then send the HPKG to the repo owner (e.g. by email (if not too big). If the package is too big you have to see how to do it best.

For BeSly Repo: (Owner: @lorglas, @lelldorin)
It is important for us that it is not abandoned software or that there could be other legal problems, which means that the copyrights must allow it to be offered by us. We take great care to ensure that the content is clean, in the hope that one day our repository will be directly included in Haiku ;-).


All my apps are fully open-source so no worries on that. Will give creating the hpkg files a try again…

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maybe better to next you learn how to create recipe and pull request to haikuporter… it will make sure your work will not lost.before, i experienced install hpkg from other repo but now defunct … when i get problem i cannot download that package anymore…


Any link to that?

you can check wiki here Home · haikuports/haikuports Wiki · GitHub

@mazbrili: From our repo? That package does not run anymore? Have you try to contact? I think to make other repos bad are not the right way :wink:.

We, behind BeSly, are around here since 2004 and nether give up or remove anything importend from our server (knowledge base, repository…). If on our repository are any problem, add a bug report to our bug tracker (on our repository site).

At them moment you can get problems with our sites, because we need to switch to another hoster and some problems left we are working to solve them (We informed about it here in the forum).

@MarisaG: If you have any problem with creating your package with my HPKGCreator or using the terminal, ask for it. I work with my package creator since many years .

I am working on it time by time to make working with it better, so feedback and ideas are welcome.

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sorry… not your repo but Clasqm repo. from him i got like xmledit worldfact… and many apps,
when i got problem updating it many package become removed… all hpkg dissapear and i cannot install again… i try to compile xmledit by myself but i failed …

. your repo is good, that i plan to upload my compiled apps into your repo if i have time because i’m have trouble make working recipe with that apps… see this [New recipe] Ldmicroqt by mazbrili · Pull Request #6448 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

This is simply because the repo is no longer maintained. clasqm withdrew after repeatedly having to completely redesign its Java packages. This is because the haiku is still in beta and there are and will be changes all the time.

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But why do you want to upload them to us when you already have access and experience with haikuports? Are your programs closed code? But otherwise gladly :grinning:

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… the problem is beyond my current knowledge … :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Ok @lelldorin will do!

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There are some mentions in that PR that haven’t been solved, don’t have the time atm but maybe you could start by addressing the issues and see from there?

Hi @mazbrili I have a copy of Clasqm repo files (32 bit version only). If you are interested, send me a PM and can find a way to share the hpkg that you want.


Good day,

I was wondering, regarding the create repo thing, if I could set a Github/GitLab repository as a Haiku repository, instead of needing a webserver. The idea here is, if I create some packages and host them on Github/GitLab, would be nice to directly add the Github/GitLab repo link as a Haiku Repository and have the packages available through the package manager without needing to create a webserver somewhere else to host, again, the packages.

Is there a way to do this? To me, it seems like a nice approach.