Spacewar for Haiku

I was bored this week end and needed to do something else for a change, so I ported Spacewar to Haiku.

Have fun playing this game originally programmed in 1962 on a PDP-1!


Cute. :slight_smile:
I like how the title tab is to the side so we can play full-height-screen. Didn’t even know that’s possible…

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But it is not movable…

1985 PC version.DOS

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It’s a hidden feature of our decorators (use window_look 25 instead of one of the defined constants).

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It is also not screenshotable apparently. Patches welcome? :slight_smile:

And not S&T able, but i tested only with normally tabbed windows. Maybe it is possible to S&T 2 SpaceWar window.

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Psst, change the makefile for us, now 64-ers too :stuck_out_tongue:

Patches welcome :wink:
I did not test it at all on 64bit machines. There may be some changes needed besides the makefile?

No, nothing else.

Lol awesome!!! :smiley:

Maybe you can port No Gravity next? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for taking this much needed break from regularly scheduled haiku development.

Compiles fine on 64 bit with the new Makefile. Runs great.