Soundcards for Haiku in 2024

Hello! Finally made an account after lurking for about a year, because I have an issue that just doesnt seem to have a solution.

After playing around with Haiku on two other machines i finally got a good deal on an old 2000s era workstation, featuring an Intel Core Duo, 2GB of RAM and decent amounts of drive space. Haiku works excellent on it, it even plays nice with that buggy old Radeon card i threw in there to have some graphics capability. One small (or rather big) issue is sound, though.

The onboard sound doesnt work at all. Haiku doesnt detect it, it doesnt show up in the list of devices- It works fine on Windows XP, but not here.

Option 1 was a USB soundcard, found out the hard way that theres no support for those at all yet…

Option 2 was an old Avalanche soundcard, bargain bin stuff from Amazon. It DOES show up as a PCI device with correct name and all that, but Haiku doesnt use it.

Restarting the audio drivers does nothing. Nothing even shows up there as far as devices go that i could select, the Avalanche only shows up in the list of all connected hardware. I reinstalled Haiku twice, no change. Updated the driver packages to the latest, nothing.

Any suggestions would be helpful here. Anyone got any recommendations for soundcards that work, something i could just slot in to get around this, or is the missing driver support for the mainboard my issue here?

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Tried OpenSound?

You can change the soundcard in the Media preferences, if you have more than one installed!

Try with Headphone!

Audigy2, but not a SE

Onboard sound not showing up could be a bug worth reporting; most onboard of that era are supported but if its not evaluating in to Devices, its not going to work.

A card showing in Devices doesn’t mean it has a driver, it needs to appear in Media for that - and even then, the driver may not work.

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Can you share the PCI IDs for the non-working soundcards? (in Haiku this should be visible in “listdev”). We may have a look at Linux or BSD drivers for it and see if we can copy some code from there to make it work.

A copy of the syslog would also probably help.


I tried several different speakers and headphones from both cards, nothing. Also OpenSound didnt seem to work, but pretty sure it didnt install right in the first place- Hard to tell with Haiku and its lack of an easily accessible device manager.

There is “Devices”, you can switch between viewing by category or by connection.

I will later today, currently trying to get it installed again after encountering a strange bug on reinstalling- The screen just resembled a Dos prompt saying Be_$.

Got a bit further, it boots now after i reinstalled and remembered to set the partition active… but now it shows me the debugger complaining about the app server. Ugh.
Might just share the device list from the live CD if that helps.

Using an Audigy2 (model # SB0240) with Haiku’s official stable release, works out of the box, no issues. Soundblaster Live! cards also worked fine in the past, not sure with the latest Haiku release.

Okay, finally got it working again. Fresh install of Haiku Beta 4 with the latest updates.
Some screenshots


Thats the media tab. No devices can be selected, restarting does nothing.

And thats the Soundcard i have installed in the devices tab. The thing below is my graphics card, but i cant find the onboard audio anywhere on it.

If it helps, here’s the spec sheet for the motherboard

That’s a soundcard type I’ve never heard of and I don’t think we’ve any driver family similar to it, its a budget onboard card from the late 90s so a really odd choice for a mid-late 00s board; and seems to have known noise issues also.

edit: ah, that’s the card you added not the onboard.

I’d definitely look for a Audigy2 on ebay

Thats fair, but i just wanted any sound coming out of the thing, i dont really care if its high quality or enthusiast grade.

Edit: Yeah i cant find the onboard audio in it, not sure what to look for.

Is the onboard audio definitely turned on in the BIOS?

The only option related to that in the BIOS is to enable onboard MIDI support, which i did. No changes.

I can maybe try OpenSound again, perhaps i just installed it wrong the last time i tried- Its not like theres a tutorial for it.

Soundblaster Live! Is working fine! But it is not for Haiku in 2024!

Opensound isn’t going to do anything if the card isn’t appearing in Devices.

Most BIOSs of that era let you turn on/off all the onboard peripherals, but obviously not all.

Can you boot another OS and get sound in it?

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