Soundcard configuration

I am a “newbe” to Haiku and currently trying to get familiar to it.

I have a Loptop Thinkpad X201 with a multimediacontroller from Intel
type: 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset.

How do I get that to work on Haiku ?


Opensound package from depot, blacklisting hda?
Read the user guide, how to do it.

Hello @tyribu-100, and welcome. Please, share with us a pic of the Preferences --> Media window, to check how your audio device is recognized.

Also, open the Terminal and type listdev, and copy the output related to your sound chip.

Hello and thanks for the Reply

Here you finde the requested Schreenshots

Thank you for your answer but this does not bring me any further.

Were do I find the “opensound Package”?

In HaikuDepot. Maybe you need a nightly for that, i don’t know.
Available for x86 and x86_64.!/pkg/opensound/haikuports/4/2/-/-/4/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc2-GNRP!/pkg/opensound/haikuports/4/2/-/-/4/x86_64?bcguid=bc2-PTMN

(You don’t have to download the package trought the web interface, you should find it in the HaikuDepot program in your Haiku install.)