Welcome to the Help forum!

If you’re new around here (and even if you’re not… :slight_smile:), there are some general topics that keep cropping up. To avoid re-playing threads again and again, please consider these points:

  • If the issue described in your topic was solved/answered, please edit the title by clicking the pencil icon beside it and add a [Solved] in front of it.

  • On your Haiku Desktop, there are links to the Welcome page and the User Guide. On the website you’ll find additional info in a number of Guides and the FAQ.
    Please have a look there first if those documents answer your questions before posting.

  • If you should encounter any strange behaviour in Haiku and are not sure if it’s a bug, it’s OK to ask here first. If it’s confirmed, please file a new ticket at Haiku’s TRAC after making sure it’s not a duplicate.
    That’s also where you can post enhancement tickets (maybe after discussing your idea at the appropriate forum category).

  • Bugs and enhancements for third party applications (i.e. anything not listed in the User Guide’s list of apps don’t belong on TRAC but the respective project’s bugtracker.
    If you got the software from HaikuDepot, there’s a link to the package’s website at the bottom left you can click.

  • If you have trouble booting Haiku, try different settings in the Boot Loader Options. If you end up with a black screen, set the Use fail-safe graphics driver option.


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