Sound on the Lenovo X 220


I bought a used Lenovo X220 as it seemed Haiku compatible.

I installed Haiku, updated it regularly, but can’t get a sound

listdev shows

device Multimedi controller (Audio device) [4|3|0]

pressing the physical buttons for disabling/enabling the sound has no effect
pressing the physical button for sound low or high has no effect

when I try to install OpenSound in Haikudepot, I get an error message

Fatal error occured while installing package opensound: Failed to download package opensound.

but I am connected to Internet, as I can update Haikudepot or use any browser.

Thanks for any hint

You can download it manually:

Yes, you need opensound to get sound working on the X220.

I have installed it, rebooted, but still no sound, either playing with mplayer a video from a USB disk, or in or

in mplayer, the sound is at 50%, still no sound if I put the gauge higher.

Any ideas?


Try with headphones, and check the mixer… IIRC with opensound there may be many options there, could be some need un-muting. But also perhaps @PulkoMandy can advise as he has a similar (the same?) laptop I believe. I have an x240 here, where I’m fairly sure sound worked fine last time I tried.

Did you blacklist hda driver?

You need to blacklist the HDA driver first, and then yes, you may need to tweak the outputs in Media preferences.

no sound in the headphones

how do I blacklist the Hda driver?
a doc on that topic?


First link on google search:



I see 4 dots, in the doc I see 3 dots after

entry blacklist

I tried both but still no sound

You’re looking at the first code-box in the docs which gives its syntax, where “…” stands for optional additional entries. The next code-box and the following example show the actual usage in an example.

In your case the text file /system/settings/packages that should read:

Package haiku  {
	EntryBlacklist {
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thanks humdinger

done it, rebooted, still no sound

in fact I have sound, not very high, but it works.

I guess I need to check the various gauges.

thanks to all

I just tried this in my X220. If the audio is stuttering, in the process controller widget -> Threads and CPU usage -> MediaPlayer -> MediaPlayer or MediaPlayer audio ou controll and set it to real-time priority.