Some packages ask for haiku>=r1~beta4_hrev56578_4-1 even with beta3 installed

Whenever I try installing a package (such as flac), it seems to ask for beta4, even though i’m on beta3? What am I doing wrong?

Trying pkgman full on a terminal gives me the same problem.


My guess is that they’ve moved onto the beta 4 chain, developing such software. So, I’m thinking what you have is all you’re gonna get, til you upgrade to Beta 4, when it’s ready. I ran into the same thing on Ubuntu. Firefox would only be upgraded so far and then I had to upgrade to the next version of Ubuntu, in order to keep getting newer versions of Firefox. Same diff, so far as I can tell.

Are you using a nightly or beta 3? Check the server addresses in HaikuDepot, these must match the system used, see the Haiku Guides.

If you are using a nightly version, you may have just gotten into beta 4 testing.

You can also search for the problem in the bug tracker or file a bug report there.

@SFLS ooh, this is a good point. r1beta3 didn’t get the haiku packages bumped to r1beta4… so anyone on r1beta3 will stop being unable to install new haikuports packages for r1beta4. (ping @waddlesplash)

Today we don’t actually fork the haikuports repositories for each release due to infrastructure constraints. (it takes a lot of CPU power and storage (~300GiB per release) to rebuild all of our ports)

We’ll need to sort this out before the second “major” release after R1.

Per pkgman list-repos , the Haiku repo has it’s base URL to and HaikuPorts with

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Based on this image… does this mean I have to upgrade to r1beta4?

Not that I care much about breaking the install as this is a clean one anyway…

To install anything from HaikuPorts at this point, yes.

Just change the main URL to have r1beta4 in place of master or r1beta3 for all your repositories via pkgman (or the above-screenshotted Repositories application) and then run pkgman full-sync to upgrade.


Your suggestion worked for Haiku-Ports but not for main. Getting checksum errors. Any word on when r1beta4 will become available?

Just found RoadMap @ Roadmap – Haiku. Looks like R1Beta4 is very close.

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Every time Haiku is about to release a new version, current installation breaks in one way or another. This needs to be fixed before the final release. Existing installations should never break.

It seems that the current package infrastructure is not up to the task and needs work.