[solved] Webpositive broken after today's update

Harfbuzz, libxml and other packages were upgraded. After rebooting, I find that webpositive does not display webpages
Complained of openssl errors
Also says could not resolve hostname for the websites

haikuwebkit-1.9.11 is being rebuilt right now (following the updated ICU package).

haikuwebkit is a big package, so it takes a few hours for the builds to complete.

Not sure if that will fix the issue you’re seeing, but you should be able to re-check in about 2 or 3 hours (judging by previous build times, and the start time of these ones).

As a reminder: In the mean time… you should be able to boot to a previous system state.

Haikuwebkit slso had a new release the day before. Please see HaikuWebkit 1.9.11

on how to downgrade and report bugs. Thanks.

Just updated the packages with pkgman, typing this from withing WebPositive :slight_smile:

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Indeed, it works now. Thanks

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