HaikuWebkit 1.9.11


HaikuWebkit 1.9.11 has been released, it is available for r1beta4 for both architectures and the nightlies.

A short changelog

  • Update to WebKit 618.1.10
  • Re-implement Native controllook drawing after the NEW_THEME removal.
  • Remove systemColor css values (for now)

Special attention on testing this release should be put on the rendering of native controls which has been re-implemented after upstream Webkit changes. Some controls currently may not render correctly in the dark mode.

The CSS system color support has been removed in this release, it is planned to be reintroduced in a later release.

Bug Reporting
If you encounter new issues (or have some fixed with this release) feel free to create a ticket or update one on https://dev.haiku-os.org

List of tickets: HaikuWebKit bugs

Open a new ticket: New Ticket

If you encounter issues that make WebPositive unusable after the update you can downgrade to HaikuWebkit 1.9.10 as follows:

Open a Terminal session and execute this command:

pkgman install /system/packages/administrative/state_*/haikuwebkit-1.9.10-1-*.hpkg

This command will re-install the previous package that is still saved on the harddrive. If you need to use this please open a ticket so the issue can be fixed for the next release.