[Solved] E-mail: IMAP does not work, POP3: APOP unsupported

IMAP does not work. POP3 for gmail says server does not support IMAP
If I select authorization as ‘PLAIN TEXT’ it says authentication failure

Pl. inform how to access gmail

R1/BETA4 current nightly, Lenovo G50-70 laptop

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Hi san2ban!

The problem is not that imap/pop3 are broken but rather that google mail, your provider, requires an authentification protocol we do not support.

You can try to create an “app specific password” for email if that works, but other than that with google mail you are currently out of luck.

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Will Ymail work ? I have one more ID in Ymail

I am unfamiliar with that email provider, i suppose you can check? :=)

Ymail also does not work with Haiku mail application

For now, will live with web login…till mail application works

Which is the gmail authentication protocol that prevents haiku from accessing gmail via mail application:

Please see this ticket: #17149 (Implement oauth login for GMail and other modern providers) – Haiku

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Whatever is described as a solution did not work for me…

Glory to web login

More to the point Google doesn’t really support third party email clients at all. Even if you have OAUTH2 support in your client they won’t give you the right scope for normal email client access. Ask my how I know. Haha.


Know any other free webmail provider, who provides access to Mail application via IMAP or POP?
Will create a new user ID

If a PAID webmail works via Mail application, I am willing to take that also…

Fastmail works using an app specific password.

Gmail also works with app passwords. You first need to enable 2FA, then it will enable the options in the settings page to create an app password.

Gmx.de also has POP free accounts.

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I have set 2 factor authentication, but I could not set the App pasword…it was taking me around in circles…lost patience…gave up…

There are a lot of small mail providers that allow you to use IMAP and SMTP simply by logging in with your email address and password.
It’s mostly those big companys like Google that don’t care about any standards to force their custom apps on you.
I know from some years ago that GMX only officially allowed IMAP access for paid accounts.
It still worked with my free account somehow,but I wouldn’t bet that they keep supporting that.
Anyway,to escape from ads and tracking and all that shit,it’s better to use a small not-for-profit provider.
One that I can really recommend and still allows sign-ups is Disroot: Email | Disroot
They offer 1GB storage for free and officially allow you to use custom mail clients using IMAP and SMTP.
Other great providers are Dismail (Register | dismail.de) and tchncs (mail : tchncs.de).
Unfortunately they have closed sign-ups (likely due to spam?) but maybe you can get an account if you ask the admin nicely.


Good tips, thx, I think they are useful for many people.

Another solution would be to pay a small monthly amount of money to a website/domain provider and use their email service.

Thank you. Registered on disroot. Takes 48 hours for approval…waiting

This is a sad situation, and Google is really to blame for its vendor lock-in approach here, although they propagate open standards in their PR communication vividly.

However, I wonder how other clients like Thunderbird or even Vivaldi have solved this. Given that Thunderbird is open source, why can’t we just pick their implementation and integrate it into mail_server?

Update: ok so they are in the same boat but Thunderbird works with their OAuth implementation and app passwords:

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Are you able to login to your account?, it’s been more than 48 H for me and i still can’t login.

It is more than 72 hours since I registered…I am waiting for a confirmation email from disroot.org
I think we canlog in only after receiving this confiirmation Email… I have not yet tried to log-in to disroot

Since you have asked, I will try tologin now…and report what transpired

Login unsucessfull…wrong username / password

I think they may have closed the registrations to new comers…read something to that effect on some website