Hi, new to Haiku, I installed Haiku on a USB drive, Took a few min to find the SoftwareUpdater, when i found it, cliked the Update Now button, it starts to download the first update, then in about 30 seconds, then another window pops up and says “Updates did not complete, Failed to download package haiku_userguide_it” So the only option i have then is to Quit the the SoftwareUpdater, Is there a way to update from the Terminal? if so what comands do i use?

Ps. keep up the great work Developers and programers,

The command is pkgman. If you already know which packages you need to update, just enter pkgman update PACKAGE-NAME.

Not sure if there are occurring any temporary repository issues. I have not tried to update anything on Haiku today.

Hi thanks for the info, still did not work, here is my Terminal info…

"Welcome to the Haiku shell.

~> pkgman update haiku_source
100% repochecksum-1 [65 bytes]
Validating checksum for Haiku…done.
100% repochecksum-1 [64 bytes]
Validating checksum for HaikuPorts…done.
The following changes will be made:
in system:
upgrade package haiku_source-r1~beta1_hrev52295_96-1 to r1~beta1_hrev52295_117-1 from repository Haiku
Continue? [yes/no] (yes) : y
8% haiku_source-r1~beta1_hrev52295_117-1-any… 2.64 MiB/30.86 MiB 6694 bps *** Failed to download package haiku_source: General system error"

So im not to sure what i have dont wrong.

So you have enough free space on the USB drive? In any case it’s better to switch to a nightly image It has a lot of fixes and less packages (no source packages).

I agree with Diver’s guess about not having enough free space. If you don’t want to install to a big harddisk partition, you could also install from your current USB stick to another one.

Or free some space by removing all haiku_userguide_* languages besides your own. You can also get rid of all *-source.hpkg packages (Tip: if you’re not using Tracker’s “type-ahead filtering” preference, there’s also Tracker’s “Select…” feature - just right-click into /system/packages).

I got this error several times in a row when updating. Ended up updating the haiku package first and then a pkgman update

The first thing I do on a new install is uninstall all the user guide translations that I don’t need. Unless you’re native Italian speaking, you probably don’t need the IT user guide. If you install the nightly instead of the beta, you won’t have the user guides installed by default. You can then choose only the ones you need in HaikuDepot. You’ll also get the latest updates with the nightlies. Beta was a code freeze and won’t see most of the updates.

Hi guys, thanks for the info, I’m pretty sure it’s a 16gig USB drive, can not confirm until I get home next week ( I drive long haul truck), and for the language packages I only need English lol. So when I get back I’ll be uninstalling lots of unnecessary language packs lol. So thanks again for the help, I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.


Since it seems your download speed in your previous post was measured in bytes per second, you may just have a poor connection. I get that a fair bit too.

Be aware that when you write the downloaded image onto the USB stick, it’ll only use the size of the image of that USB stick. Therefore it’s a good idea to write to an old small stick and then use Installer to install from there to the big BFS formatted USB stick.

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I have a 300megs a second download speed, so I’m wondering if the driver for the network card isn’t up to par, well untill I update the drivers?

Ok I’ll redo the USB stick like you said humdinger

The Haiku repo servers are rather slow. I’ve acheived much faster throughput in Haiku downloading from other servers.