SNES emulators

I do not know about the rest of you–but the RetroArch software does not work in my Haiku. Although I did give it a go in Windows & OpenSuse–I do not like it one bit! I should never need the Internet to play an emulated game!

In addition, it is not superior to a stand-alone versions of ZSnes 1.51 or Snes9X 1.60…by a long shot!

So I located the discourse, “Snes9x - (SNES emulator for BeOS)”–so I am curious if work continues on Snes9X or is it on hold?

I prefer the ZSnes emulator since that is what I used in Zeta OS–that worked great and had no performance issues.

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Not sure what you mean retroarch doesn’t need internet as far as I know. It may need the internet to download the emulator packages but that is it.

Haiku has a libretro port of bsnes one of the better snes emulators… these days and it sees active development from the higan developer.

I wish that was true…but RetroArch does need the Internet to download the cores, database, etc.

The point is that I do not want to use RetroArch…I do not like it at all. In my book, it is inferior to previous stand-alone emulators of the past.

My query is about the stand-alone emulators such as Snes9X or ZSnes and their respective status of development or migration to 64-bit.

If I was running Haiku (32-bit), I would install Znes 1.51 (BeOS/Zeta) version and test to see it works in Haiku…but I am running Haiku (64-bit).

Downloading the cores and DBs… how is this any different from Linux or Haiku???

On windows just use Higan or bsnes… I’d suggest using bsnes on Haiku rather than an old emulator.

higan is more accurate, and bsnes is easier to use.

Also note that retro arch also has a desktop UI since sometime last year, you can use instead of the big screen UI default.

Thanks…there is no Snes emulators for Haiku 64-bit except for ’ snes9x_libretro’ or ’
’ [and one other], which all are part of the RetroArch platform and do not work in my current Haiku (hrev 53379).

In Windows and Linux, I currently use ZSnes. In the past, I have used Snes9X, which works great as well. I also agree with you about BSnes. I never used Higan, which was developed from BSnes–so I cannot compare it.

You might try pressing F5 in the retroarch UI… on windows/mac/Linux in recent versions of retroarch it now has the desktop UI, it doesn’t seem to be enabled on Haiku but I imagine it is possible since haiku has QT5…

For some reason I was thinking you could run libretro cores as standalone applications but they do indeed require retroarch itself.

Might be easier to port this:

It’s a fork of BSNES that keeps the Qt GUI (which therefore means it should be easy to get running on Haiku) with some backports of the Higan emulation code.

By the way, if you’re not aware there is a good port of mgba-qt in the x86-64 repo - good for playing some of the GBA ports of SNES games in the meantime…


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Thanks Chris…just might have a look at that one.

In the meantime, I have ten+ PC games running through my DosBox…so I will be entertained until a good SNES option happens. :wink:

I am a retro gamer where I created a Retro-PC running native era-appropriate OSes and hardware for my actual gaming experience. As a single-player retro gamer, I do not use Steam–should never need the Internet to game either!!

However, I am using Haiku daily now…so a quick game session every once awhile is fun in Haiku!


I had to install 32-bit Haiku so I could play bes9x, bezx, and bevice, and benes.

Retroarch is no fun and just too big. Its getting kind of like MESS: zillions of emulators in varying states of usability and growing heaps of version-specific and outdated documentation.

Old, stand alone emulators had a lot of, err, style. Remeber the DOS NES emulator called “Nesticle”? (I think it was developed by someone called The Shitman.) I fire it up once in a while in Dosbox, just for a laugh.

That was entertainment!


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Hahaha…I remember that…the late 80’s and early 90’s were the wild west days for PC computing…

Well, at least I can use DosBox and run ZSnes (DOS-version) to play my ROMs.

It is performing pretty good so far…still tweaking its performance.

Hopefully, SNES9x or ZSnes will get ported into Haiku soon. I prefer a native SNES software versus the RetroArch mumbo-jumbo anyday!!
Works with modern browsers. Maybe not what you wanted but maybe a temporary solution.

Thanks Konrad!

That is a cool option!

yes, RetroArch is just to blown-up and therefore to much… if one likes to play some snes
games only.

I wasn’t keen on RetroArch either, and I don’t know if this is of interest to anyone, but Stella, Hatari, and Atari800 can be easily compiled with only slight changes.

RetroArch is a very complicated emulator for me I use the more simply emulators for playing SNES games like ZSNES, Snes9x, Mednafen, higan, SnesGT, BSNES.