Single board computers



i am curious to ask how is Haiku about Single board computers. if there are some images to try or where can i see info about development.

Thank you for help.


sorry what do you mean by single board computers?
A common PC?



As long as it’s Intel or AMD based, it should work (with caveats). There is no working ARM build of Haiku yet (that I know of), so you won’t be running it on a Raspberry Pi (or Orange or whatever other fruits are out there now).

Most of the issues come from the supporting items, like video, sound, and networking. I’m now running Haiku on a Kodlix N42D (roughly the size of 2 Raspberry Pi 3b+) at 1080 resolution. The only issues are that the Wi-Fi isn’t recognized at all and the Ethernet doesn’t work (it doesn’t believe there is an active cable plugged in). I get around that by using a USB 3 to Ethernet adapter (plugged into a USB 2 port).

So, if you can find a X86 or X86_64 single board computer where everything else is supported, you’ll be in good shape with the Beta or the nightly builds.