SCSI for Haiku?

Are there any plans in the works for Haiku to support SCSI? I would like to have the opportunity to install Haiku on my current BeOS configured system which I have been using since 2001, however unlike BeOS 5.1d0, Haiku does not support U160 SCSI drives, and I cannot borrow the aic78xx SCSI driver from Dano as I have done previously for installs of BeOS R5.

I see there’s not been progress on this in a very long time. I just tried to upgrade my BeOS/Haiku test machine to Haiku beta (from alpha). Not only did I discover that the alpha installer can’t do the job, not only is the IDE CD drive dead, not only can this old PC not boot from USB… there’s still no SCSI support in Haiku beta.

I spent about an entire day on this process just for the sake of curiosity. Just now I did a search on SCSI here and there seems to be a dearth or interested persons, so I presume that’s not going to go anywhere.

It isn’t commonly used hardware anymore so no one bothers to add it or fix it. That said as support for other architectures is added we may see this fixed especially as some of the only support SCSI.

I say this as someone that owns 10+ machines with SCSI hardware lol.

We of course have a SCSI stack for SATA/AHCI support, we just don’t support “SCSI cards” directly. Writing drivers for any given chipset should not be amazingly difficult…

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Especially considering the the BSDs and Linux have tons of those drivers for reference.

I was kind of surprised Haiku lacks it… also there is SAS I doubt Haiku supports that or am I wrong there since that would just be SCSI command set over Sata?

Why not? We are binary compatible also with BeOS drivers. Did you try? Did it fail?
Also, if there are sources for this driver somewhere (and under appropriate license) we may look into adopting them.

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Well, there have been a lot of kernel changes recently that will almost certainly break a lot of drivers even drivers in Haiku itself have had modifications to support some of the recently implemented memory protection schemes… so the off chance of binary driver compatibility working at all seems remote. Pretty sure it stopped working a long time ago for some drivers I was using (longrun transmeta driver).

Then that’s a bug and you should report it.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding things then? How are you going to fix a closed source driver that breaks when SMAP etc… gets in the way?

At least the longrun driver has source and you seem to have archived it :slight_smile: I broke a resistor off the VGA output of my lifebook… I need to fix that thing it’s not fast but it is pretty neat.