Scanner canon lite 500f - how to get sanity driver

Hello all,

i used in the past my UMAX Astra 3450 scanner (Zeta) with Sanity (Scannen mit Sanity). Today i want to test it with my Canon LIDE 500F on haiku, but Sanity does not show any scanner to select.

Can i get anythere sanity drivers for scanners?

Regards Lelldorin

If you’re lucky you will find a driver that work are in sane_backends package. It also contains a few text files to help with configuration. Once you found the right one, you may need to delete the other drivers from sane config folder to help detection.

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Doesn’t look good. SANE: Supported Devices

Try to add

# Canon 500F
usb 0x04a9 0x221f

to the genesys.conf file. If you’re lucky there’s nothing else missing.

Thanks for the tip, but not working.

I’ve had a couple of Canon multifunction printers that have had scanner issues when connected with USB. Network connections work OK. Is yours EHCI?

Interesting, can you post your supported printers here: Hardware List: Compatible printers - Compatibility / Hardware - Haiku Community (

yes it is USB 2.0

Is there any scanner tested on Haiku? It wuld be fine to add it to our hardware list and also to have possabillity to use a scanner on Haiku.

Please add here: Hardware Liste: Compatible scanners - Compatibility - Haiku Community (

Nowadays, I guess that people are acquiring scanner as part of a multifunctional printer. Maybe some are tested but are appearing as printers…
Note that most recent multifunctional printers from HP are requiring hpaio protocol to work. At least to discover them over USB. So printer and scanner part aren’t working.
On linux hpaio is provided by HPLIP along HPIJS. It is open source but, I’m not sure that it would be easy to port and it needs CUPS. There’s apparently an Appliance Printing Development Kit (APDK) for non linux systems though I didn’t found it following the link.