Hardware List: Compatible printers

I don’t know how current the Gutenprint port is, but that is what is under the printer support

It’s good that we have so many possible printers thanks to the Gutenprint driver, but in the end they haven’t been tested on haiku (well, no one has them all at home ;-)).

I think a real hardware list can only be good if what is included is functional.

What I find particularly interesting are network printers that are supported, since these are the ones that are used the most these days?

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Untill we have network discovery this is pretty moot, its almost impossible for end users to figure out the correct uri.


I checked about porting cups, which has probably the biggest number of printers supported (USB and network), but there are plenty of dependencies not yet available (libavahi, kerberos, etc…) and some are clearly out of my comptency (kerberos in particular) :frowning:

We don’t need cups, gutenprint already provides what we need for usb printers.
For airprint we basically need to implement mdns service discovery, and then use ipp printing. We now have working multicast so the next thing to work on is probably service discovery.

This ticket has the info on what to do quite detailed: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/16318

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Haven’t there been cups under BeOS/Zeta in the past? Are the sources still available, even if only for old devices?

Manufacturer: Brother
Model: Brother HL - 1430
Haiku hrev number you use this on: 55860
Note: use PCL 5 compatibl
EDIT: Laserprinter


Manufacturer: HP
Model: Office Jet Pro 6970
Connection: USB Not working
Connection: Network over HP JET Direct (Work, but with errors, second printjob hangs, first was already done.

Haiku hrev number you use this on: 55843
Note: use Gutenprint

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Manufacturer: Canon
Model: Pixma iP 6700D
Haiku hrev number you use this on: 55823
Note: use Gutenprint


Not only we don’t need it, but also we don’t want it. Who thought “oh I will serve a web interface on localhost to configure printers” was a good idea? And “oh I will use HTTP authentication but provide no logout button, so if you log in with the wrong user account you can never do anything with cups anymore?”

Modern printers don’t need any specific drivers. Thanks to Apple AirPrint, where Apple said “the iPad will have no drivres, if you want your printer to work, you have to follow this protocol”. There is also the “IPP Anywhere” protocol that is very similar.

So we just have to implement a single driver for that. No need to port the whole CUPS stack. The first step is implementing Bonjour/mdns/avahi so we can discover printers on the network. This requires working multicast support, I’m not sure where we are with it exactly. Then it requires a mdns client, we could use avahi, but mDNSResponder from Apple looks a little easier to port. Then we need to see how to integrate this in our network stack, should it be integrated together with DNS/getaddrinfo, or as a separate API for example?

After that part is done, we need to adjust the printer preferences to use it to discover printers. And then there is a little more work in the driver itself to encode images in the right format, and also get some info from the printer (ink levels, etc). This is all done using REST APIs that are well standardized, so it should not be a lot of effort.


Manufacturer: Ricoh
Model: SP330DN
Connection: ethernet cable RJ45
Haiku hrev number: Hrv 56541
Note: publicated a howto here


isn’t gutenprint still in haiku ??

gutenprint is used as the backend for most printing support, but configuration is through our own user interface.


Manufacturer: Ricoh
Model: SP330DN
Connection: ethernet cable RJ45 and USB
Haiku hrev number : Hrv 56541
Note: publicated a howto here

I can not update my first post so I publish another one to precise that the printer works also with USB.


Hello everyone,

a few days ago, I decided to have a look on the 70 most best -sellings today’s printers (that you can currently buy on internet in Europe).
I wanted to compare to the Gutenprint database in order to find one or maybe several correspondances (and it takes a bit of time :grin:).

And I finally found 3 :

  • Canon PIXMA MG2550S
  • Canon PIXMA MG2555S
  • Epson XP-15000.

Those 2 Canon are entry-level color inkjet (60€) + scanner.
The Epson is much more expensive (300€).
There are a lot of printers with series drivers in Gutenprint… I did not decide to try when the driver is for an entire serie because the last test I did last week, on another Canon, did not work.
So I focused on exact model driver for this purchase.

So I decided to buy one, in order to check if it works with Haiku…
I bought the Canon Pixma MG2550S

And I’m proud to tell you that the printer works very well !
I’m quite sure thant the MG2555S would also work. There is also a driver for this specific model in Gutenprint.

Unfortunately, even if the scanner is recognized by Sanity (it initializes), the app freezes before being able to select the scanner. If someone has an idea to test it with another app, I’ll do it.

So here are the specs :

Manufacturer: Canon
Model: PIXMA MG2550S
Connection: USB only (there is no RJ45, nor wifi)
Haiku hrev number : 56555
Notes: entry-level printer… Very quick setup !
Go to Preferences, Printers, Add a printer, select Gutenprint type, USB… and that’s all !

I shall add the same observation than for the Ricoh, you have to mannually select the range of pages you want to print in the job Setup, if you select “all pages” it won’t find any page to print… strange bug.
Also… take your time with PDFs… the printer is slow to receive informations before printing (1 minute).
But it works very well.


Where is a laser printer?

A laser black and white printer is the best you could get if you print at home!
If you want to print colours you should decide to print it at a print shop!
A ink jet printer, if used seldom is a waste of money!
If you print less than 10 pages a month I recommend you to buy a laser B/W printer
Like a brother printer!
Even if you donot print for some months the laser printer will do it’s job!
Even if it is much more expensive to buy you will be happy to save so much money you would otherwise spent on the ink cardridges which are expensive and dry out after some time!

Personnally, I only use black & white laser printers (the Ricoh, just above. And a Kyocera before) for this reason.
But most people use inkjet at home because it’s easy to find, affordable, and because they can buy ink everywhere.
Laser printers are expensive to buy and have expensive toners (the toner for this ricoh is 160€).
I used to order generic toners before and I unfortunately destroyed 2 laser printers because of those false toners. That’s over for me, I only buy recommended ones now.
I don’t talk about colour laser printers… it’s crazy.

In my case, going to print shop would take more than 30minutes (and I live in a town), much more expensive and time-consumming than having an entry-lever inkjet !
If you have a print shop in your town, you’re lucky. It’s not my case, they are all closing little by little.

Please tell retired people than it’s better to pay 500€ for 10 pages/week with a laser printer than pay 80€ with entry-level inkjet… they will never buy the laser one.

i just print anime pictures every once in a while, cheaper than replacing dried cartridges

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I bought my brother laser printer 2003 and it is still working!
I had to buy a new laser cardridge for 50 Euros 5 years ago! Now I have still 2 cardriges from China bought just for stoch for 60 Euros!
I bought my Laserprinter 2003 for 300Euros and one! Cardridge for 50Euros! Since then!
If you like to print color posters or pictures… Go to a print shop or an internet store for print your jobs to save a lot of money!

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I’m glad for you. Is it working with Haiku ?
Witch model is your printer ?