Realtek Wifi-USB-Stick not working

i bought yesterday a Realtek 8811cu based USB-Stick for Haiku. But unfortunately its not showing up in the Network-Application. Is there a Solution/Driver/Fix for this Problem?

I love Haiku, its so nice - i would like to get it working with USB-Wifi.

Thanx for any Help/Answer.


Can you check how it detected in freebsd/openbsd systems ?

listusb in Terminal

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Looking online, it appears to be a WinModem, only Windows drivers available, & even they don’t seem to work very well!

I bought a couple cheaply, to try out, but the only time it worked was under Ubuntu, but the next time I tried, next time I booted up, it didn’t work!

I bought a Wifi-Extender with a Gigabit-LAN-Port. This Solution is perfect working. Its the D-Link EXO AX1800 Wifi Extender. Only 15 Euros at Saturn in Germany.

It works with every WLAN-Router - even the non Mesh-Models like mine. I had only to make the Setup over Cable in the Webbrowser-Interface and not the Smartphone-App.

Its working now perfectly. Its very fast (Wifi 6) and has no compatibility Issues, because i am using the LAN-Port now. And by the Way: It was cheap compared to a Wifi 6 (AX) Stick.

The Realtek-Chipset-USB-Stick i bought is not FreeBSD compatible at the Moment. Thanks for your help and advice.
I found a Solution from your Advice. Otherwise i could get mad without getting it running.

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If you want to inform you for working hardware, you can look here:

And if you habe working/not working hardware, please add them to this forum discussion:

And for other hardware take a look here to report:

Hardware List for Haiku - Feedback / Hardware - Haiku Community (

So we can expand our lists to make running and not running hardware viewable for the community


I’m building a Haiku-Workstation right now. I will try it as my Main-Device for Daily-Home use. And i will help you with the Device-List. I’m a advanced User with some Programming-Skills. I would like to support this Project in the Future. And please be patient, i’m a Asperger-Autist, sometimes i could act strange or don’t unterstand Sarcasm.