Rare, early developer model BeBox needs a new home


Cheers to everyone here keeping the flame burning!

Story time! I was working at metrowerks, the company tasked with creating software development tools for BeOS back in the 90s. When Be, Inc. folded (so sad!), I ended up with this super bare bones BeBox (no fancy lights, etc.) and have been holding on to it for way too many years. I thought I’d post to this group because it needs a new home and I can’t think of anywhere else with a concentration of people who’d even know what it is. I haven’t tested it or powered it on in many years (no monitor, keyboard) so I have no idea whether it is in working condition or not. Doubtless needs some TLC. Not looking to make a bunch of money off it, but it is a bit of a rarity, so I’m asking $400 plus shipping. I’ll throw in a bunch of random CDs. I have more pictures that I’m happy to share, but I’m a new user so I can only upload this one.

Won’t need to ship if you’re in Austin, TX!

Happy to answer any questions!



Texas? Hmm, @kallisti5 might be interested…


Texas is really, really, big.


I’m in Austin, TX! But… can’t justify spending $400 on such a thing. (it’s definitely worth it though!)


Me too! If it had a full BeBox case I’d be tempted to snag it.


If it had Blinkenlights I would have already purchased it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s definitely an interesting piece. Likely dual AT&T hobbit processors? I already have an Apple Performa 6300 box kicking around that can technically run BeOS R5.

It’s definitely a big part of Be, Inc. history… I just have enough projects kicking around :wink:


Waiit… @waddlesplash pointed out that likely isn’t hobbit… maybe PowerPC.

Could you send a picture of the mainboard?


@barebonesbebox, just a quick question, though do you know what would’ve happened to the BeIDE code base? Or is any trace of its original code long gone? This may be a futile question to ask, though I thought I might as well ask out of curiosity.


Agree with @kallisti5. Blinkenlights and I’d be interested in it as well! :smile: To be honest, with a bare skeleton as it is, $400 is a lot to ask for it.


Actually more pics of it all would be awesome. Can someone bump his stats to upload more pics? Or can he make one pic per comment?


Would be great to get ahold of the BeIDE code though I guess there would be some legal issues with that.


The code base for the BeIDE was (and is) the I.P. of metrowerks. And, as such, died with the company. Sad that things work that way – but that’s just the way it is! The flip side of that is: metrowerks didn’t run that project for a super long time, and only had one or two developers on it.




I assumed so, but the fact that it had only two developers, only existed for a little time, and resulted in a decent ide, now that is something special!


I chalk that up to the elegance of BeOS as an environment.


So… no BeIDE source code laying around on that HD?


Nope. Absolutely not. :wink:


Hello. If anyone from the community living in the USA is interested in preserve it, I can donate U$D 40 to help to buy it.


More pictures here:


I’ll grant you that it isn’t much to look at! It is indeed a PPC machine – which predates the blinkenlights. Deciding on a price for something like this is incredibly subjective. If anyone wants to make me an offer, feel free to send me a private message. Like I said in the initial post: it needs a new home.